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A Landmark Year For the Snipers

Written by Florent Thuram
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2023 has turned out to be a landmark year for the Sacramento Snipers. While they missed the mark of returning to the post-season, they set a franchise record for wins in a season at 39. And if they show a similar improvement next season, the playoffs will be a certainty. Much of that falls upon the shoulders of GM Noonan and any moves he makes in the off-season. With a controversial pick-up of Kevin Kowalczyk late in the season that some say hurts the team more than helps, he will need to find improvement in his front court to make things work.

And for the second time in as many years, the Snipers congratulate a Rookie of the Year. Gregory Santiago takes home that honor, some seeing it as an upset over #1 draft pick Daniel West. Santiago is rather laid back about the issue.

"A lot of it is just game time," he noted in a recent interview. "If I was drafted to the Archers, I'd probably see spot minutes at best, and West would have the title. If this was 2022 and I played the same season, it would still go to Lyn," referring to teammate Lynwood Emmert. "I'm happy I won the title, but I think it has more to do with the entire team than just me.

Speaking of Emmert, he was named to the All-OBA team as the best SG in the league. And he's still upset about the All-Star game: "So let me get this straight. I'm All-OBA. 1st team. I'm the best at the #2 in the entire league. But I wasn't good enough for the All-Star game. How does that make sense? It's gotta be political. So no, no All-Star merchandise. No endorsement deal. No money. The league gets theirs, and I get screwed."

Arguing aside, the Snipers are better than they were. And will hopefully be even better next year.

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OBWL, not OBA :D

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