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Marauders Mix Things Up

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The Minnesota Marauders shook things up this off-season by changing General Managers and hired, Jason Rouse, former GM of the Iowa Stalkers out of the D League. Many pundits and fans are very unhappy with this hiring including me, what the heck has this guy done to deserve a prestigious GM job in the premier basketball league in the world? 

Absolutely nothing. Some fans are protesting by not renewing their season tickets and others are taken a wait-and-see approach. Owner Richard White, has stressed to the city of Minneapolis to hold out on their opinions and to give Rouse a season or two before coming to such a quick judgment.

"I have 100% confidence that he will lead this team in the right direction sooner than later and to give him a chance before coming to such harsh judgments."


Rouse, has been very busy and has had many meetings with, Coach Hensley, to get on the same page to get this team on the right track. First off, they hired 3 assistants starting with a defensive specialist, Alfonso Nelson, who was the Head Coach with the Chicago Blaze last season. Next up, Victor Sanroma, who coached over in the European Leagues and will be making his OBWL debut with the Marauders. Finally, they hired 36-year-old, William Wilson, who has been coaching in Division III and his brother is currently a free-agent in the OBWL, William Wilson II.

There's a lot more work to come as the roster currently has a grand total of 6 players and just under $18 million of cap space. They will not receive their exceptions, but hold the #3 overall pick in the draft and 2 picks in the 2nd round. This is a very crucial pick to say the least for, GM Rouse, who must get this right to get off on the right foot and potentially keep his job. Let's face the facts, it would be a miracle if this team hits the .500 mark this season and it's looking like a long-term rebuilding project unless, Rouse, can work some magic. He sent us a quick statement as he was too busy to sit down for an interview.

"First off, I would like to thank, Owner Richard White, for believing in me and giving me a chance to live out my dream as an OBWL General Manager. Secondly, I know I'm not a very popular hire with the fans of the Marauders, but I will work my butt off to prove everybody wrong. It's not going to happen overnight so hopefully everybody will be a bit patient with me and in return I will do my best to bring a Championship to this franchise sooner than later."

Unnamed sources have told me that the Marauders have their eye on 3 kids and will be holding individual workouts in a few days with all 3. This doesn't mean their pick will be one of these 3, but right now they stand above the rest and will potentially fit this team's needs. Very very important they get this pick right because the last thing you want is the kid to be a bust, which will put major heat on the new GM. Let's hope the Marauders show improvement this upcoming season and give this city some hope for the future.

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