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Sunday, 20 January 2019 16:54

Blaze draft review

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Well anyway you look at it, last season was a Major Disappointment.  So, with 4 picks in the Top 30 picks this season, the team was hoping to go into it and find some gems.  The overall consensus for the team is that they did a good job in picking players, all be it projects in a few of them.  There was some slight controversy over the 2nd pick which we will get to shortly.

With the Blaze’s first pick and 5th overall the team picked a player that has a lot of improving to do, but if he does it, he may be one of the best players drafted.  That player is Herschel Pettway PG out of Boston College.  In his one year at BC, he showed that he had the ability to command the tempo and put the ball in the basket.  He scored 8.3 points a game in 24.2 minutes and also had an A/T of 2.25.  The biggest knock is his consistency on the floor.  Also, it has been joked that he is a good Catholic as he doesn’t believe in stealing the ball.

With the 2nd pick and 13th overall the Blaze were debating between 2 players.  Either pick for potential talent or position of need?  A lot of coaching staff wanted the team to pick PF Nathan Roche, especially with the starting spots of SG/SF being kind of filled up, but when the commissioner sent a note that there was only 15 seconds to pick SF Adrian Sherer out of Texas Tech name was called.  Sherrer can put the ball in the basket, there is no doubt about that.  He can also defend pretty well too, but the BIGGEST question is, can he stay on the court for more than 15 minutes.  He is not known for his conditioning and it is said the team has told him they will get him his own personal trainer to help out in that area.

The Blaze then had to wait 11 more picks for their next pick.  While waiting, they saw PF Nathan Roche (next pick), PF Gerald Hay, PF Thomas Wilhoit and PF Stephen Grizzle go all guys heavily scouted for the 24th pick.  There were 2 more people the team had scouted for the 24th PG Rupert Leeper and C Brendon Humby.  The team was back and forth but decided to go with a big guy instead of another PG who was a bit on the slower side.  So, Brendon Humby out of South Carolina was chosen.  A 2-year starter, his stats might have gone down a little, he still showed a good consistency out there.  With the next pick Leeper was chosen FYI.

With their last pick #30 overall the Blaze had looked at 2 players for this pick.  The SeaDogs helped them out by picking one of the 2 players with the 29th pick, Jerry Coons.  That left the Blaze with SG Jonathan Mask.  Jonathan has the ability to play defense and shoot from the outside.  At Utah he appeared in 36 games off the bench before deciding that was all the college he needed.  The team isn’t sure he will make the team out of camp, but one thing he has on his side, age (18).

So how did the Blaze do in the draft?  Well that might not be answered for a couple seasons, but at first glance, I’d say the overall grade should be a B.


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