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2024 Rookie Draft Review

The last time the Seattle Dogs drafted a point guard #1 overall, it was Joseph Drumm... Washington's Charles Ackerman has big shoes to fill.

This review will use the league scout as a bases for projection and talent, it will only take into account current roster and the fit of the draftee's.

Americans: Garrett Bennett (2), Lanny Grasso (38), Stephen Grizzle (22)

With a bare roster the Americans needed players in just about every position. So grabbing Bennett with the second pick was a no brainer. Not the fastest player in the draft, at 6'5" he will be a terror for years to come, expect Bennett to get minutes at the 2 and 3 this season, this is a great fit for the Americans.

Grasso may see back up minutes in his first season while Grizzle looks to be a project that may have some upside if given time

Grade: A

Archers: Albert Maddox (47), Chadwick Dandridge (27), Darwin Sabin (37), Mark Regalado (54)

Accustomed to looking for the diamond in the rough, the Archers had four picks, with only one being in the first round.

Dandridge was taken as a ready to go big man at pick 27. With massive holes around Ronald Long (which we believe will be addressed in FA) the Archers used their picks wisely. Dandridge will be able to play bench minutes from day one and a good camp might see those minutes increase throughout the season.

Albert Maddox is also one to keep and eye on as the Archers manage him into the roster this season, he could surprise a few people with what he is able to do in a strong archers coaching group.

Sabin and Regalado have room to grow and may stick around with a good camp.

Grade: A

Blackjacks: Kenny Gott (10), Glenn Hunt (48)

The Blackjacks need a point guard, but felt a SF to back up aging star Stephen Lee was a great priority and fit at the 10 in the draft. They ended up with Gott the 6'7" 21 year old and more rounded player, than the offensively minded Adrian Sherrer who was still on the board at the time.

They then drafter their PG in the second round, Hunt should be able to make the team because of the lack of PGs and his ability already.

Grade: B+

Blaze: Herschel Pettway (5), Adrian Sherrer (13), Brendon Humbly (24), Jonathan Mask (30)

The Blaze could very well be the winners of the draft, landing Pettway at the 6 could one day be labelled the steal of the draft. Not only does he have the most room to grow, the Blaze landed a player where they needed a young talented player the most, PG.

They backed up the Pettway selection with another steal of Sherrer the SF offensive powerhouse. He will sit behind another offensive powerhouse already on the roster in West, but at pick 12, it was a no brainer to take him, some mock drafts had him going as high as 8.

What may just be a bigger surprise that the other two player falling that far is the fact that their third pick, number 24 landed them Humbly, who has the ability to one day be a decent rotational player in the league for a long time.

Jonathan Mask is no afterthought either, the defensively minded SG is a great pick up in the second round. He was also projected to be a top 20 player.

Grade: A+


With no pick and 14 players already on the roster, the buzzards will need to address their needs though the FA window.

Grade : N/A

Chaos: Keven Johnson (18), Jame Green (44)

Keven Johnson is the 6'4" SG who can jump out of the gym, his athletic ability is phenomenal, with a hole at the 2 on the Chaos roster, the Chaos may have found the perfect link between Drumm and Torres, both aging superstars.

Although there are holes in other areas of his game, pickup such talent at the 18 was a massive win for this team.

As is, Green may just be a filler for camp?

Grade: A-

Coyotes: Horacio Vega (6), Coy Hardy (16), Rupert Leeper (25), Joshua Rollins (34)

Vega falling to the Coyotes would have been a dream for them, he is an offensive beast. Already and will be able to contribute now. Offense was an obvious theme for the Coyotes this draft as their remaining players all have the ability to score points.

Leeper and Hardy in time may become very valuable additions, but right now they will probably not see much time.

Grade: B+

Demons: Charles Cisneros (51)

With their only pick at 51 the Demons took the young point guard. With 100 speed lets see how he translates into the big league, the runners up don't need much from him and he should be given plenty of time to develop.

Grade: C+

Dragoons: Ethan Budd (8), Earl Carver (36), Emmanuel Reed (42)

With aging stars Newhouse and Granger on the books, Budd was a perfect fit for the Dragoons. He will be able to come off the bench at 4 and 5 and see where his natural fit is within the team.

Reed and Carver are nice bench players who might just stick around and help turn this franchise around.

Grade: B-


They had no picks, however have some young players brimming with talent.

Grade : N/A

Highlanders: Miles Wallace (11), Charles McCulley (49), Jody Eakins (50), John Nixon (21)

With four picks, the Highlanders have tried to find some talent while filling some needs. Does Wallace help them at all? They have a need at the 4 and 5, but he may not be the answer, which they may need to find in FA.

Nixon may have been a stretch at 21, especially considering they are not needing players at the 1.

Time will tell, but this draft may not be looked back at with kind eyes towards to Highlanders.

Grade : C-

Huskies: Richard Durbin (31), Larry McBride (28), James James (56)

James James has found a home, there was lots of talk pre-draft, but it wasn't until the very last pick was his name actually called out.

However McBride was a nice pick up to sit on the bench behind Flowers and was the perfect selection at 28 for the teams needs.

Grade: B+

Inferno: Forest Vasquez (12), Kelvin Corr (9), Luis Wendling (26), Ernie Winchell (43)

With a full roster the Inferno were able to take talent and not be so concerned about fit. Corr is ready to play and start from day one, which is a little weird that they also took Wendling in the same draft. I guess with him dropping so far it was worth the pick.

Vasquez is going to be a great player one day and will probably out play many who went before him.

Grade: A

Invaders: Thomas Wilhoit (20)

With their only pick the Invaders have taken Thomas WIlhoit.

Grade: C

Knights: Gerald Stubblefield (52), Efrain Ford (55)

With out any first round picks the Knights have done their best to fill the void that exists after their 4 superstars.

Stubblefield look like he can hold down a roster spot for the coming season, allowing management to spend in FA in other areas.

Grade: C+

Lumberjacks: Kendall Melanson (4), Jared Carlton (23), Tony Sokol (32), Foster Caddell (35)

The Lumberjacks select high again, so far they have been waiting for the talent to ripen, it is again the case again here. Melanson may not be the man, he is going to be a decent player, will struggle on the pick and roll, but should be a rebounding machine next to Roger.

Carlton,Sokol and Caddell were taken for camp as there are now 19 players on the roster.

Grade: C

Marauders: Andrew Evans (3), Michael Florio (40), Dirk Kendall (33)

In their first draft, current management resisted the temptation to reach and took the obvious and most expected Evans at 3. Evans will spell Silas at 3 and play from 2. He will be the player this management build around moving forward.

Florio shouldn't be over look either. He will be a great addition and spend as much time on the floor as seasoned Lafollette.

Nice first time draft by the new Marauders management.

Grade: B+

Muscle: Nathan Roche (14)

With their only pick, the Muscle select Roche. A solid pick at this spot and puts pressure on Lefevre and Spitz to improve.

Grade: B


The Pioneers didn't have any picks this draft.

Grade: N/A

SeaDogs: Charles Ackerman (1), Gerald Hay (19), Jerry Coons (29)

A great draft for the SeaDogs, landing the 1 and selecting the obvious selection in Ackerman, forget his size, this kid is going to be special. Plus it was their biggest area of need, outside of SG.

With Hay on the board still at 19, this was a no brainer either, however it creates a little log jam with Hales, Rangel, Langlois and Sauter already on the roster.

They then tries to meet their second need of SG with Coons, not sure this has been done, but a nice second round pick up all the same.

Grade: A-

Sharks: John Haas (45), Jerry Gonzalez (17)

Some heads were scratched with Gonzales taken at 17, but the kid is 7'1" with potential to grow. It could turn out to be a brilliant move, or a terrible one, only time will tell.

Hass looks more OBWL ready and will probably get more attention early in his career.

Grade: C

Snipers: David Eversole (41)

After being the draft day heroes of the past two season, the Snipers missed the first round altogether on this occasion.

Drafting Eversole may only ever be remember for his name.

Grade: C

Stallions: Jamie Leonard (15)

With only one pick, the Stallions need to get this right. Did they?

While Leonard is a fine player, the need here was a shooting guard and there were plenty of them on the board. The stallions may have missed the opportunity here.

Grade: C-

Storm: Carmelo Dooley (7)

The Storm currently have 7 players on their roster and 4 of them play SF. However this might be a great drafting by the storm is Dooley can transition into a 4 and partner Nichol next season.

With only one pick, not much talent and lots of holes, Dooley was the best and most appropriate selection.

Grade: A-

"The champion" Sun Kings: Marco Borrero (53)

With their only at 53, the Sunkings did well to pick up a handy Borrero. He fits into the team well as a defensive minded player, he will be nice addition to a team desperate to be the first modern day back to back champions.

Grade: A-

Swing: Craig Dvorak (39)

With their only pick in the second round they have taken the big man who projects to be a handy player. Not the fastest player, but a good defender and willing to roll the sleeves up and rebound. His intensity should bring a nice spark off the bench in his first season.

Grade: C+

Thunderbirds: Kristofer Stockton (46)

With only three players on the roster. The Thunderbirds have taken what ever talent was on the board. Stockton an offensive rebound monster was their guy.

Grade: C+


With no picks the tritons get the grade....

Grade: N/A


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