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Off-Season Changes

Written by Florent Thuram
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2024 has only barely begun, and while the Sacramento Snipers haven't made any potential game-changing moves, they have made a few. Sometimes it's the minor tweaking which can make the difference between a win and a loss. 2023 set the franchise record for most wins in a season, and now the team looks to exceed that mark, and to finally return to post-season action.

Urbin and Williams taken on as coaches

A few staffing changes to highlight, most notably the hiring of former All-Defense forward Jaylon Urbin, who is making his first foray into being on the coaching side of the court. Urbin should hopefully be able to impart some on-court experience to the young guns on the team; he better earn his keep, Urbin makes more than the rest of the staff combined. In addition, the Snipers have hired Luke Williams, who just ended a 3 year contract with the Marauders. Williams is a shooting specialist, and in a press release says he's looking forward to working with future scoring leader Lynwood Emmert.

First Round Pick traded, Bouchard and Eversole join the roster

With the #12 pick this season, the Snipers decided to trade it rather than use it. GM Chris Noonan citing that a #12 pick wouldn't be of a level comparable to Santiago and Emmert, the Snipers previous two lottery picks. So the draft pick was dealt to the Inferno, who ended up drafting Forest Vasquez. In return, the Snipers acquired All-Defense guard David Bouchard, a move seen with a bit of controversy with the fans. As of yet, nobody is quite sure where he will fit in the lineup, and both Noonan and coach Gonzaga are remaining silent on that.

The Snipers still held their 2nd round pick, and with it they drafted David Eversole. While Eversole played center for Arizona State, his 6'8" frame would probably be out-pressed against the seven footed in the W. If anything he may move to forward, but for the moment expect him to be send down to the D-league.


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