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From Rags to Riches

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The Minnesota Marauders entered the draft with very high expectations owning the #3, #33 and #40 picks overall. This would mark the very first draft under General Manager Jason Rouse and his new staff.  Fans and pundits were very nervous not knowing exactly what direction this new front office would take them. At #3, they went with the most talented player and selected, SF Andrew Evans, a Freshman out of Penn State. The 6'5" offensive machine barely saw action in college averaging just over 10 minutes per game, but had rave reviews during private workouts. Some pundits are very skeptical that he will succeed in the OBWL as he lacks defense and ball handling skills. Drew spoke to the media soon after being selected…

"I'm very excited that Rouse gave me opportunity to come play in Minny. Ya know, this is where I want to start my career and if everything goes good, maybe I can end my career here.  I know I need to work on several things to improve my game ya know what I'm saying and I'm willing to put the time and effort in. Ya know, lot of people worried bout my past and I will always be street but time to grow up and ball on the hard courts."

Evans, was born in Geneva, New York and at the age of 2 he ended up in the projects of Harlem.  His parents died in a car accident and the only family known was his, Aunt Jenny, who struggled to raise 3 kids along with Andrew. At the age of 13 Evans spent 6 months in a juvenile detention center after robbing a McDonald's at gunpoint. All he wanted was money for a new pair of basketball sneakers which he could not afford. Soon after his release he joined a local gang and ran wild on the streets, but that didn't get him anywhere in life.

His Freshman year of high school he did not go out for the basketball team, but you could find him at the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem.  At first, he would just watch and shoot dice with the boys as he was too scared to ball.  One afternoon he got called out and the rest is history, after 5 dunks and 11 straight baskets the entire park was hopping.  He didn't go out for the high school team until his Senior year because all he knew was streetball and didn't like the rules of organized basketball. It was a struggle at first but he eventually led his team to the City Championship where he was named the MVP.

Not many colleges took a look at him as he was very raw to say the least and his troubled past scared many away. Surprisingly, Penn State University traditionally a football school offered Evans his only scholarship offer. Rumors were swirling that test scores and high school courses were fudged so he could go play in Happy Valley.  He struggled in the college atmosphere socially, grade wise and on the hardwood. His playing time was limited to just over 10 minutes per game as he just didn't commit on the defensive side of the ball, but offensively there was no doubt someday he would be big time.

Soon after the end of the season he had no choice but to declare for the draft as his grades were not up to par. During private workouts he absolutely wowed the Marauders front office and the rest is history. There's still a lot of questions surrounding him, one being off the court with his shady background and one on the court surrounding his defense. One thing is for sure, there's no doubt about his talent and with some development this kid could be special.

The Marauders with their #33 pick selected SF Dirk Kendall out of Louisiana Tech, the 6'6" 229 pound brick house will hopefully pan out and make the roster long-term. The team had him on their draft board at #19 and feel that they may have gotten a steal.  With the #40 pick the team selected PG Michael Florio out of Depaul University, the coaching staff believes he can jump in right away and give this team some minutes they desperately need at PG. Overall, I believe the verdict is still out on a draft grade and obviously depends on Drew Evans development. On to free agency…

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Well done. I'm sure I'm going to love hating this guy. :D

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