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Portland, Or.



Here are the 5 moments of the off season that will shape the season for the Lumberjacks:




1.       Staffing:


Portland needed three new coaches and a scout this off season. It seems the situation is so dire the only person that didn’t jump ship was head coach Morris Broom. Asked what he thought of the empty offices over the off season Morris stated “ Best time of my life, music was cracked, pants were off, lights were dimmed, it was me time”.


With the team so far removed from anything that resembles a professional organisation, maybe his time would have been better served do some work?


Portland with the help of GM Trent finally managed to scrape together a staff that although can’t coach perimeter D, seem 4 star solid across the other coaching areas.




2.       Drafting:


It was the usual story here at draft night. Portland sucked, sucked real bad in the season, but not bad enough to land them the number 1 pick and with it the chance to truly change their fate. This year they again pick another prospect, which makes 4 in a row now, Ronald Richardson (Who has been moved on), Roger Desfontanies, Yevgeny Ilgauskas and now Kendall Melanson all have been taken with either the 3rd or 4th pick, which is the problem, good young prospects, but still so far not franchise altering. This years batch included:




4th pick Kendall Melanson from Stony Brook, 6’9” PF. Kendall will see plenty of time this season, the Lumberjacks have no established power forwards and no real expectations. In time it is hoped that the Roger Kendal partnership will be one to anchor a playoff run.




23rd pick was Jared Carlton, with the big man still on the board, the Lumberjacks took a put on him, he doesn’t really stand out as anything special, but provides strength and blocking something this team needs in a gigantic way. Expect Carlton to play the season in the D league.




32nd pick was Tony Sokol, SG, Texas, A&M. Tony is instant offense, OBWL ready on one side of the court, elementary school ready on the other. Tony, should see some minutes in the big game this season, however will also spens time in the D league. Pending trades and performance we will either see a little or a lot of this pick.




35th selection was Foster Caddell, Foster will come to camp with the hope he improves some of his offensive skills. If he can be a reliable option down low he will get a shot at it. His 7’2” height, 40 speed and 87 strength help this kid stand out in workouts every time. Some of his shot selection help you notice him for all the wrong reasons.




3.       Free agents:


With 19 players on the roster and a team over budget, the lumberjacks only hope of bringing in a fresh face was a vet on a min that might want to go a challenge and not a title. It didn’t happen and so subsequently the Lumberjacks were quiet on this front. However with the expiring contracts and ability to cut Mitchel loose a year early, there is the potential of only 36mill counting on the wage bill next season, opening up nearly half the salary cap to attack free agents.




4.       Trading:


Portland have been chasing down GM’s all over the league looking for a trade. So far no one has entertained any offer, so it looks like the team will not be involved in any trades between now and the crazy deals of moving day or dead line day. It doesn’t help that no one recognizes the Portland GM as he normally has his head covered in a paper bag.




5.       Waiver


It looks like this is where the GM will be spending most of his reading time. Last season there were some very astute picks ups, Blair Call and Gino Rodrigues were two such players. With not much else to do, why not give it another try?


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