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London Acquires Colby Allan

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In one of the biggest moves of the offseason London acquired Colby Allan from Kansas City for Mack Lavoie and two 1st round picks.  There have been rumors that after back to back playoff flame-outs London was looking to aggressively shake up the team.  Those rumors were true.  Knights GM Jian Lian addressed the team’s decision on the trade.

“Before we get into the trade, we first thank Mack for his contributions to the organization.  There would have been no championship without him.  Time and time again he guarded the opposing team’s top perimeter player and sacrificed his stats in order for us to win.  I know there are some of you that think this is due to the prolong contract negotiation a few seasons ago and that there is a feud between us.  That is not the case.  Mack has been everything we had hoped since day one when we traded for him from Portland.  We’re always going to remember Mack and how he helped bring a title to London.  We wish him all the best in Kansas City.  They have a great organization there and we know he’ll be successful with the Pioneers.

That being said, we look forward to having Colby on the team.  I’m sure everyone has heard of him.  He’s won just about every award out there.  I have been a huge fan of his since the now defunct Summer League when he came out of college.  In fact he played for the Knights Summer League team.  Now it has come full circle.  Even better he’s going to be joining a couple of guys from his draft class, Val and Jean.  As excited as I am, those two are even more so.”


How do you see Allan fitting into the team?  Mack was the third sometime fourth option and rarely demanded the ball.

That’s a fair question.  Since Rudy, Colby was the clear #1 option on the Pioneers and on our team we have Jose and Val that command the ball.  But don’t forget that Kansas City had Darell Edwards, Marshall Gaudett, Mark Marble, etc.  So Colby is used to being surrounded by talent and players that can score.  Obviously our system is a little different but I have every confident that it will be a smooth transition.  And when it comes to crunch time, I expect each player to shine.


What was the motivation behind this trade?

Well its no secret that we’ve been disappointed with how the season ended the past couple of years.  Some of that were out of our hands, like this past season when Val was hurt.  Injuries we can’t control but what we can control is to be prepared.  And I think I haven’t done as good of a job in that regard.  This was a way to rectify that.  Colby doesn’t just give us another ball handler and scorer.  He gives us a MVP level talent.


What’s your expectation heading into the new season after this trade?

I expect us to do better than last year.  Finish better in the regular and get further in the playoffs.  That’s it.  There’s no other way of saying it. 



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