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Chucks Blog Vol XI: Another sister, another Charles. Another run?

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Your blogger: Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this blog for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.


There are many things to cherish when life or your parents decided to bless you with a little sister. The big brother concept is one of protecting your kid sister, defending her when she's in harms way. And sometimes it means standing up in the face of your boss.

Maybe nothing would have happened if Darin Deans' 22 year old sister Danisha wasn't so attractive. Maybe Darin Deans' boss, now former boss Klaus von Meyerinck hadn't made a run at her.

Maybe things would have gone different if he had made a stylish run. Ask her out. Accept the answer no matter what and yes, NO matter what would have been the answer anyway. But during the Denver Demons' OBWL championship finals against the St. Louis SunKings, after game 5 to be precise, KvM went into the VIP room and in front of his team, his coaching staff, the owner and approximately 250 VIP guests and sponsors. And then he approach Danisha Deans, kneeled in front of her and when the room went dead silent he asked her for her hand.

It could have been an old fashioned gesture. Well, if two things hadn't happened.

First, KvM started to open a huge box and out of the box came a ring, more a monstrosity of a ring: A ring in the shape of a fishmac, especially in the original size of the fishmac, a monstrosity that no woman with at leas an ounce of taste would (or could even) carry on a finger.

Second, into the dead silence and among the crowd of 300 people between shame, amusement and disgust fell Danisha Deans' only reply before she turned back to her cocktail: "Do I know you? Who the hell are you? Freak!"

And then Darin Deans started laughing, turning back to the table as well, saying something like "That's him." And Danisha went: "Aah, that's what I thought." Darin: "Fucking dushbag!"

Well, that did it.

The next day phones rang in Tampa Bay, Florida, in the office, in the car of GM Tom Lacher, his cell went wild and Deans found himself traded to Tampa effecitive this new season. It's like you could hear Lacher cheering al the way from the eastcoact to the mountains.

There aren't few Demons' fans and even players who blame this incident for losing to the SunKings 3-4. Of course the news broke right away and behind closed doors Demons headcoach Bo Balzer complained: "We had a shot in a tough series, a very tough series, but we had a shot. And then that man trades away Darin and the focus shifts and all that idiotic distraction and hell, I better stop before I get into trouble."

So that was that.

Spilled milk as they say.

So the big question is: Can Denver make another run now with a great team that underwent a great change for a small not sports related reason?

And the answer to that question will lay in the hands of a man who has to be more than just another Charles: Charles Ottinger, elite Center and the next man up.

"I gotta learn that I can't yell out something like Charles, pick and roll without starting utter confusion" says HC Bo Balzer. "We got Charlys as if we were in 'Nam. We got three of them."

So while there's not much need tot alk about the Demons' draft since they only picked PG Charles Cisneros at #51 and will probably send him to the D anyway, it's all about the Ottinger - Deans trade.

Things will change for sure. The Demons have lost a roadblock defender cleaning up the boards, blocking like hell, shutting down everyone the SunKings threw at him and they lost a stud in Darin Deans on a very very team friendly 10 million contract. And all of it because the GM made an indiot of himself, asking a girl that did not even knew him to marry him - out of the blue.

In comes Charles Ottinger who may be a C just as fine as Deans.

But with him a change of style will be inevitable for the Demons.

If all goes well Ottinger will keep up not a Deans-like but solid defense and instead add a dangerous and good 18-20 ppg scoring punch to the Demons who so far have been relying totally on superstar Greg Fore. If all goes well, Charles Cazares will play on like he did against the SunKings and he will be the defensive cornerstone and the superstar to lift Ottinger defensively, Fore will still score around 30 per night and Ottinger will deliver 16-18 and if Fore is having one of his few off-nights he will step it up to 20-23.


...if all goes wrong Ottinger and Cazares won't mesh up well, Ottinger will crumble the stellar defense the Demons had with Deans and Cazares, a freakyshly good combo, Ottinger will command shots away from Fore and the Demons will drop out of the leagues Top 4 where they have established themselves over the last two years.

Looks like a high risk trade.

Because of a players' sister.

So what to do next? How to somehow minimize the risk?

Free agency.

And again there's a two folded story developing.

The good part: GM KvM wasn't seen much after his shameful "proposal". As we know by now he spent free agency in the Demons' locker room where some rebuilding was taking place.

So Bo Balzer and some agents took charge of free agency and it paid right off.

The Demons despite being limited to minimum offers scored big with veteran Centers: Trevor Jolley, Donavon Bashford, Rajeev Seifert and Emanuel Devos all signed a minimum contract. One, maybe two will survive training camp and pre season, but headcoach Bo Balzer is fine with that: "All the guys knew that we were after all of them, we played this one with an open hand and showed our cards. It speaks volumes to those proven star players that they are fine with it. All of them great competitors, all of them. And besides that I am happy with everything else we could accomplish. Maybe it was a factor who was manning the phones on our end..."

Man, he's so right. With KvM out of the picture the Demons added much needed help on the wings in hiring former Inferno player Oscar Riggs, they signed former SunKings backup pointgard Herbert Hoang and they added a few younger guys in SG Dieudonne Carpentier as well as PGs Randell McGee and Evert Trombauer who will or most likely will not be around after camp. "But it's all up to them", says Balzer, "nothing is set in stone, everyone has every oppotunity." And that of course applys especially to PF Nick Lazarus, SF Henry Barrick who came in the Tampa trade and to new SG talent Jamel Tomlin who came in via trade with the Evolution.

And now it's time for the bad part: When the Demons players came in yesterday for a first official meet and greet among each other they saw what had changed in their locker room. KvM had reduced the locker space for the currently 20 players in order to build a giant throne in the middle of the room. The thing is an absurd monstrosity, it looks like it could have been imported directly from Trump Tower, it's all shimmering of fake golden color and it has the form of, ah, you know what...

Rumor has it there are some gimmicks being built in. Like fishmac smell that KvM can pump into the air. Or sauce that he can pump on the floor. And who knows what else.

"It looks like our 'King Klaus the Fat One' is going to hold a lot of speeches this year", says PG Larry Burt who is on an expiring contract and therefore free to speak up. "And we all know: The more speeches, the worse the season will go. I think we still have a hell of a team, I don't care what league analysts say", continues Burt, "but we need to keep that GM of ours in check. I sure hope none of the new guys has a sister."

Don't we all...


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