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Storm's Season Preview

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San Diego, CAL – Storm’s took a different approach to the off season than they usually do. First and foremost their staff stayed put, in confidence that this season will be better than the last previous few. This is something which has never happened since Prince Amour was hired has general manager. 

The Storm is also going into a season, where their greatest acquisition, James Nichol, is coming off his best season ever, breaking Daniel Falkowski’s record for most point per games average by a Storm player with 26.8 points per game. Nichols has also been named an allstar 3 seasons in a row and was elected as a member of the OBWL All-League First Team, for the first time. A long side Nichol, is the 2020, 4th overall pick, Scot Gauvin (a.k.a Starvin Garvin), who finally came to life, during his 4th season in the OBWL.  Gauvin scored 13.4 PPG, while pulling 4.2 RPG, making 44% FGs, 82% FTs, and 42% 3Ps. Alejandro Craft the 2020 Rebounding leader and projected career rebounding leader, is still around and is expected to do his usual on the boards. They also have last season 2nd round picks, William Cuellar who hit 40% FGS, 97% FTs, 38% 3Ps and Andrew Azar who scored 6.9 PPG, 1.1 SPG, while nailing 49.5% FG, 42% 3Ps. Finally the veteran Daren Keyes, Opt-in to his $16.8M contract. Keyes who once seemed to be an offensive stud, suffered with injuries in 2018, 2019 and 2020. These injuries took a tole on the young stud, and he has never played at the same level post 2020 season.

During the Draft, Storm selected the best player available, in Carmelo Dooley. Carmelo is more of a defensive SF, who is very average at attacking the rim, who has a jumper with room to improve. Dooley’s defense is not a concern according to scouts, but his endurance is. The plan is to work Dooley in the D-League till he can actually keep up with the big boys.

They reacquired, Vern Worsley (16 PPG as a Storm), Franklin Reese (13 PPG in 20 minutes during Preseason), Elwood Fernando (15 PPG as a Storm) and William Cauthen a great role player off the bench.

New Storm acquisitions are: 

Loren Pepper who’s master craft is his ability to steal, he averaged 2.0 SPG in 20 minutes during the preseason.

John Wiese a possible Double Double guy, who average 12.2 PPG and 5.7 RPG in just 22 minutes in Chicago.

Garth Hockenberry n inside scorer, who average 12.4 PPG in just 13.6 minutes during preseason. 

When compare to other teams, the Storm team does seem rather small, but Ervin Dickinson said, it is all apart of the plan. He went on to say, we are introducing the small ball era, knowing it is a 50/50 chance between success and failure. 

All in all the fans can’t wait to see their new and old players, try to land them at least an 8 seed in the OWBL playoffs.

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