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Owens: Overweight and Benched

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Almost 10 games into the season and Jose Owens have yet to start for London.  After a career year, Owens was expected to be the focal point for the Knights.  But instead he has been relegated to the bench and has watched the team start rookie Gerald Stubblefield and journeyman Tony Jimenez.  While both players have done an admirable job filling in, there is no doubt that they don’t come anywhere close to what Owens offers.  Both Coach Shay and the front office have been unwilling to discuss Owens’ benching.  The silence was broken today as an unidentified source came forward and stated that Owens was in the doghouse due to weight issues.  It seems that he came into camp a little heftier than what was expected from the coaching staff.


After the team came from their three game roadtrip, Owens was asked if this was the case.

“Look I don’t know how this is a thing.  I admit I like to eat and that I’m not the run-for-miles type of guy like Val is.  I’m a big man.  That’s my game, that’s my position.  Maybe I can be a little leaner like JL (Jean Larry) but again that’s not my game.  I’m a power guy.  Anyways, we got guys pushing 300 pounds walking around here.  Look at TB (Tuan Bunch) and TJ (Tony Jimenez).  Hell, Tuan eats so much we call him Brunch.  Why don’t people get on them for their weight.” said Owens


While that might be the case, both Bunch and Jimenez are seven footers and neither are stars on the team.  There is no question that Owens is slow to start the season.  He’s shooting a career worst 43% and an awful 14% on three-point attempts.  More concerning is that he’s been noticeably winded late in games.   


Tonight the team host undefeated Tampa Bay and then travel to Las Vegas.  Its unknown if Coach Shay will insert him into the starting lineup to face one of the biggest frontcourt in the league.  The Knights can certainly use his size but more importantly they need their star big man to shake out of his funk.  The team is 7-2 and has been led offensively by the solid play of their guards: Val Crumley (15pts, 6asts and 6rebs), Colby Allan (16pts, 5asts and 5rebs) and Fredrick Gerard (15pts and 5rebs).  Defensively, Larry continues to be a rock with almost 12.7rebs and 7.4blks to go with 11 points.


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