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Dragoons season

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The Dragoons fans are happy with how the season has started.

Fort Worth has a lot of young players getting minutes so far.  Most experts figured that the team would be near the bottom of the league.  In fact, most expected the team to be in the lottery drawing.  General Manager Hitch has put together a team that is 7-6.

The team just game off a five game road trip.  The coach considered it successful at 2-3.  The team is 5-4 on the road and 2-2 at home.  They are 3-0 in the division including two wins against the Archers.  The team is struggling with rebounding as the are near the bottom of the league in offensive rebounds and overall ones. 

However, Newhous might be able to fix it.  The veteran is coming off the bench and only getting around 15 minutes per game.  He has obviously slowed down this year. In the last six years, he averaged double digits in rebounding. He is playing behind Granger, who moved to center this year.  This allowed Budd and Carver to pick up minutes.  Budd has been surprising in his rookie year. He is getting 27 minutes a game with 10 ppg and 6 boards.

It is early in the season, but the Dragoons would be in the playoffs if they started today,  Can the young players take the season long beating?

Will GM Hitch make a mid-season move to get his team over the top.  Nothing less than the playoffs will please him this year.

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