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And then that happened

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Portland, Or.

It all started with an and one, there wasn’t much in it at the time, just the usual black verse red scrimmage at preseason. In Portland, the red are always the young bloods, those under 25. The blacks over, however in recent times with the young average age of the Lumberjacks those ages were a little manipulated. Either way, it was young Kendall that stole the spot light, Even Carroll Warner the recipient of the foul, stopped to acknowledge what had just happened.

Next was game simulation, Kendall went at whoever stood in his way, some days he would put people on a poster and others times he would be picking himself up off the floor, but during the preseason, the inner circle at Portland knew Kendall was going to make some noise this season. It was also the time GM Trent decided to move some pieces.

With Pence showing improvement every game and the Kendall, Roger chemistry undeniable, it was Carroll Warner that fell down the rotation until he was finally moved for the veteran Sheldon Cortez who on an expiring contract was seen as a good move to finally bring in some actual talent and not just potential.

The Cortez move, although significant for the team, wasn’t the end goal. The Lumberjacks were still looking for talent, and have been preparing for an opportunity to get it, stockpiling picks and young talent waiting for it to become available.

Yesterday while the team played their second night of a back to back at home to the Dragoons, where they picked up their fourth win of the season, the plan to land some decent talent finally came to fruition. As the happy fans left the arena with a rare win, they also left with the excitement of news of the mega trade that their Lumberjacks had just been involved in.

Hearing they had just landed Bourke a certified all-star, even at his age with the young offensive machine in Silas, it was news that came unexpected but exciting all the same. Many fans didn’t even care what they gave up to get it. But boy did they give some things up!

Their 2025 first round pick is the jewel in the trade, a guaranteed top three pick that could have been used on yet another young stud.

Dorian Geis, probably hurts the most as he has been in town less than a year and was being groomed for the starting role, but to get talent you need to give it also. So Geis although seen as a future star in Portland was moved.

Tony Pence had been gaining interest these past few weeks with his play, he is a great distributor of the ball and will be hard to replace, if it wasn’t for the continued improvement of Melanson, sending Pence would be a career ending move.

Andrew Lawler was sent also, this hurts less with the emergence of the Russian and the knowledge that Cortez and Silas are able to make up the production of Lawler who has hit the sophomore slump in Portland.

Terrance Latimer was to help with budget and was having a great season, but not enough to hold onto him, so his expiring was sent out.

Finally in the 5 player trade, was want away point guard Albert Mitchell, he got his wish of being traded, and will leave town with more money than the whole Portland organisation.

Something had to happen in Portland, they were headed for yet another poor season and although the kids were coming of age in sorts, it wouldn’t cut it of another season of complete failure. No one in Portland expects them to make the playoff this season, but with another year of strong play and development for the kids, Bourke and Barnett leading the charge as the mature players, who knows what the next season or two might bring?


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