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Chucks Blog Vol XII: KvM from almost hero to total zero

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Your blogger: Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this blog for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.


Let's face it, the evil empire of the Fat and the Stupid has risen it's uggly face again and consequently Darin Deans no longer is one of ours.

The Denver Demons only now start to feel all the downsides of a trade their mentally sick GM Klaus von Meyerinck should have never done. But he did and now they have to live with their GM making a fool of himself leaguewide - again.

Just when you thought that after a run to the OBWL finals last year and a heartbreaking loss in a hard fought seven game series would have gained KvM an iota of respect despite his sheer crazyness, well, this KvM once again is showing publicly how inept, how chaotic, how maniac and probably mentally ill he is. Call it whatever you like, the fat, bald and uggly german crazyman is unfit to run an OBWL team.

His last victim has been center Darin Deans who was a vital part of the Demons' success story in 2023. All evidence points to 2024 being a year of chaos, of huge upcoming changes.

KvM is going from hero to zero in just one off-season right under our eyes and noses.

Here's what happened: Two years in a row the Demons enjoyed deep playoff runs while sporting an impressive lineup in Darin Deans, Charles Cazares, Greg Fore, Daniel Goodrum and Larry Burt. Obviously things went too smooth and quietly for KvM.

There's a german saying that translates somewhat to this: When the mule is starting to feel too comfortable, it walks onto the ice.

The mule aka KvM went and he sank Darin Deans in the pond by sending him to Tampa Bay in return for Charles Ottinger.

Now you can argue all you want about this trade. You could even argue night after night about Deans or Ottinger being the better player and maybe the verdict is 50:50 or even slightly in Ottinger's favor, it really doesn't matter.

But two things about this trade you simply can not argue.

First: It changes your team. Out goes a defensive powerhouse, in comes an offensive minded player.

Second: It did stretch the Demons finances to the utmost and maybe over the point of still being able to be considered as a healthy deal. The Demons are over budget now. Sucker! But an 8 year old could see that coming.

Now we are 19 games later, pretty much exactly one quarter into the season. These days you can do many things about it.

But KvM of course elected to walk down the worst possible path: He went public with his ranting about a sucking team, about Ottinger beeing the root of all problems and about his state of mind going like "I'm trading all those suckers".

So it's time again for a fact check.

Is there reason for concern?

First of all: The Demons started 15-4 and that puts them on track for a 60 win season and a division title. Reason for concern?

They had two bad losses that hurt, they have been beaten by huge margins by the Swing and the Blackjacks. Well, that probably shouldn't happe, but it does and it does even to better teams.

You could argue that Denver won too many games by too small a margin. The Demons won 6 out of their 15 games by single digits. They are not as sound defensivley as last year. Hello?! Wakeup call: You traded a rebounding force and a shot blocking monster for a scoring type forward.

And still you're 15-4. Period.

But KvM kept on ranting and now the team seems to be in disarray. Headcoach Bo Balzer privately reported about the GM demanding huge changes, Ottinger beeing benched, being traded. Cazares being traded, Goodrum being traded. "It feels like we are 4-15", Balzer reportedly said in a private circle.

There are good things happening in Denver though.

Ottinger, labeled as the reason for all problems by his GM, is rightfully feeling as the latest in an endless row of KvM's victims. He is scoring 16,9 ppg, ranked second only after Greg Fore (28,6) within the organisation. He adds 9,1 rpg, making him the Demons' top guy.

What else do you want, KvM?

But the harm is already done.

KvM is offering top notch players around the league like they were playing for the Evolution. He is complaining, he is whining instead of insulting and that really should worry all of us.

It's a disgrace, nothing else. And beside that, it's bad strategy, it's weakening his very own bargaining position.

Has the Deans - Ottinger change been financially sound?


It was a catastrophic decision in that regard for sure.

Imagine this: Larry Burt, one of OBWL's unsung heroes and the silent guy running the Demons at point so sound for years and years, is asking a very very reasonable re-signing salary. It's almost at a point where you wouldn't call it humble but plain stupid since Burt could ask three times as much as he did in comparison to other pointguards.

And the Demons even can't fullfill this modest and humble demand since they are over budget. And that calamity is on KvM. Period.

But does this justify trading Ottinger? Or Cazares? Or Goodrum?

Yes, you are not blocking 8 times per game anymore.

Yes, Charles Cazares and Charles Ottinger haven't found the great chemistry Cazares had with Deans. Yet.

Yes, Charles Cazares is suffering offensively.

But then again Greg Fore is adding to his almost great numbers once again. And Cazares is doing all the dirty defensive work.

Wouldn't it be justified to show a little patience? Say for just one year? Try and find a rotation that makes everybody happy? See the glass as half full instead of half empty?

And wouldn't it be about time to finally get rid of that crazy maniac on top of the organisation?

We are allowed to have our little dreams, aren't we?


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