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Mega Deal In Minnesota

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Late last night the Portland Lumberjacks and Minnesota Marauders came to terms on a 9 player deal which included one first-round pick. The deal for the Marauders kick starts them into rebuild mode, but they still have enough talent to win games.  GM Rouse focused on prospects that were more ready for the OBWL and not the OBDL.  "This isn't going to be a full rebuild per se but more of a semi rebuild meaning the front office is still focusing on winning games while developing prospects at the same time."  Let's take a closer look at the trade...

Lumberjacks Get:

Richard Burke II

Bye-bye RB2 who spent just over one season with the team and now he's gone like the wind.  It was the right time for him to get traded as he's still in his prime and putting up big numbers nightly. The team realized they would at best be a .500 team and they would be better off trading him for prospects and picks.  Also, it frees up cap space for the 2026 and 2027 seasons when the majority of the team will need to be re-signed. Good luck in Portland and you will be missed.

Irving Silas

The 2022 #13 pick overall will now get a team that looks forward to having him in the future. He's improved this year and has shown glimpses of a scoring machine. With Andrew Evans waiting in the wings and both having similar game, it was the right move to make at this current time. That being said I think he will turn into a solid starter for the Lumberjacks in the future.

Isaac Lafollette

He was demanding a trade and ruining team chemistry by causing scenes in the locker room pre and postgame that would carry onto the court. The Lumberjacks get an expiring salary and a diva to say the least.

Michael Florio

A last-minute addition to the trade as the Marauders had a plethora of point guards on the roster with the coming trade. He was a second-round pick in this season's draft.

Marauders Get:

Tony Pence

He will try to replace RB2 which is impossible but he can help to get some of that production back. At the young age of 25 he looks to be a keeper for the Marauders. He's signed throughout next season at the small rate of $3 million and hopefully he will want to sign a contract extension or the team might have to go after him in free agency. He could possibly be the best passing PF in the league and now is the best passer on the team with Stanley Bobo following close behind.

Albert Mitchell

Mitchell was needed in the deal for salary purposes and is signed through next season at $10 million per. He can't really shoot but does about everything else above average so he will move into the backup point guard position for now.

Dorian Geis

The front office have had their eyes on him since this off-season and are very happy to get him even though his game is not up to par this season. It seems like he took a step backwards from last season but he's young and still has plenty of time to develop. The team really can see him as their starting PG in the future but he must work on his game. As of right now he's 3rd string PG/SG and could see time at backup PG if Mitchell fails to perform.

Andrew Lawler

The front office absolutely loves this prospect as he's a three-point assassin which the team desperately needs. That being said he's in a huge slump from behind the arc but hopefully a new offense and change of scenery will help things out.  On top of that he's a hell of a defender on the perimeter and can handle the ball. The team can see a Evans/Lawler combo at SG in the near future, as of now expect Lawler to backup Ellis at SG.

Terrance Latimer

Very athletic but lacks in the skills department  and will be sent down to the D league to help them develop. His contract is up at end of season and it's very iffy if they will go after him in free agency.

Lumberjacks 2025 1st rounder

Everybody loves first-round picks and only time will tell if it will be a top 10 pick or not. Add this to the Marauders first-round pick next season and it could possibly be a breakout draft for the team.

Time will only tell if this was a good trade for the team but as of right now the front office and fans are very happy. The big problem now is how to get everybody playing time without more players demanding a trade. I guess if that's the worst problem they got then they will be just fine. Game on!

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