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The High and Mostly Low Expectations For 2024

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We've seen LA Chaos GM Travis Whetzel make some questionable decisions in the past, but his most recent decisions might top the list. The Chaos have been a playoff caliber team for all but one season with Whetzel running the main office operations. Clearly this will be a season where they don't make the playoffs if the current losing trend continues. 

How did they get to this point? Well it all started last year when Whetzel failed to throw a maximum contract at Carl Terwilliger and he bolted to Arizona as fast as he could. The thing that really set the losing spiral in motion though was the Renato Ardoin trade. During the 2024 draft, Ardoin was traded to Philadelphia for some young prospects, an aging Matt Torres and a 1st round pick. Ardoin was the LA Chaos. He was the identity and the main reason that the team ever made it to postseason. 

"It was time for change. Ardoin isn't getting any younger, but he is still highly valuable and I needed to make a move for the future. I hated seeing Ardoin go, but I was running out of options. Trading Ardoin was the start of a slow rebuild that will be taking place through the acquisition of young prospects and draft picks. The idea with this trade was to bring in some building blocks and try to stay competitive. Well at least I managed to get one part right", said Whetzel

Yes, Whetzel did acquire a draft pick and a potential star center, but the competitive part is definitely in question. The new look Chaos can score, but they can't play defense. That is a big problem when you play in a league with this many talented scorers. After a horrible start, the Chaos looked like maybe they had gotten things figured out in December and went on a 5 game winning streak, but that was quickly ruled out as a fluke. After Christmas and through the first week of the new year, the Chaos have fallen back into their losing ways by going 1-4.

Another trade that Whetzel made was Joseph Drumm to Boston for Octavio Morrison and Curtis Swiger. This trade actually made some sense. Morrison isn't exactly a youngster, but he is in his prime and is a solid power forward. The trade left quite a void and point guard though and without Ardoin to fill in, that left Whetzel wondering what to do. He has put his rookie 1st round draft pick, Keven Johnson in the position, but he is not really a point guard and can not play defense. This has been the cause of a lot of frustration for the coaching staff.

Whetzel did manage to get Carlos Beery to sign an extension that was very, very affordable. Beery is in contention for most improved player and is a key part of the new Chaos. Whetzel will have two first round picks in next years draft. With the way they are playing, their own pick could be very good. Beery, Morrison and the new youngsters are the new hope for Chaos success. Next year can't come soon enough.


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