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Tuesday, 02 April 2019 15:05 Written by Greg Abcarian
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2024 Rising Stars Game Preview

This year's #1 overall draft pick, Charles Ackerman of the Sea Dogs, will lead the Rookies in the 2024 Rising Stars Game.

The young are our future, well here is the future's game player review. Every year the top 12 rookies play the top 12 Sophomores from last season. This year looks to be a good game as the rookies look stacked and the Sophomores look vastly different than last season.

Rookie Starters

C Brendon Humby (Blaze)

Humby was the 24th pick in the draft and has been playing 20 minutes a night for the Blaze. While he hasn't done excellent at much, he has done a decent enough job to be the starting center.

PF Ethan Budd (Dragoons)

Ethan stepped right into the starting role for the Dragoons and has done excellent for them. Scoring 11 points a game and getting about 6.5 rebounds a game in 28 minutes. He is looking forward to trying to show the league his ability to score.

SF Horacio Vega (Coyotes)

Like Ethan, Horacio stepped right into the starting lineup after being chosen 6th and has done nothing less than impress on the offensive end. Horacio has only had 1 hole in his game and that is staying out of foul trouble, but in a game like this, the referees should swallow their whistles.

SG Garrett Bennett (Americans)

While Garrett started the season in the D-League, since coming to the Big-Boy league, he has shown a lot of reason why he was chosen #2. He has been very efficient from the floor and has been showing the ability to be a very fun player to watch for many years to come.

PG Charles Ackerman (Sea Dogs)

The top pick in the draft has done nothing to disappoint the Sea Dogs. He is averaging 13.5 points a game, 3.5 rebounds and 5.4 assists as a rookie. Ackerman's ability at the PG might have Bennett drooling at the mouth for this game.

Rookie Bench

C Gerald Hay (Sea Dogs)

Playing along side Ackerman, Hay has found his way onto this team. At no point is anyone going to think that he is a scoring threat, but he is a huge defensive presence in the paint and looks to have a long career if he keeps doing the little things.

PF Kendall Melanson (Lumberjacks)

Kendall may be a little disappointed that he isn't starting in this game, but he should be happy with how he has performed this season. He is averaging 10 points a game while out on the field and gets about 5 rebounds a game. That last stat might be the reason he isn't starting as people had expected him to come in and rebound just a bit more.

SF Kenny Gott (Blackjacks)

The one thing this draft had was a lot of good SF and Kenny is another one of those. Kenny has started half of the games for the Blackjacks and has put up some fantastic numbers. While 8 points might not seem like a lot, in 26 minutes he only averages 1 foul and his DEF is 93.7. For a rookie that is impressive.

SG Keven Johnson (Chaos)

Always a scorer in college, Keven has shown the ability to do the same in the OBWL. In 21 minutes, a game he is averaging 8 points a game and gets 3 assists a game. If Keven keeps this up, he will have a good long career.

PG Kelvin Corr (Inferno)

Kelvin has started all 38 games for the Inferno and has led them to a decent season, while posting fantastic numbers. In 33 minutes, a game he is averaging 10.5 points a game and 6 assists a game, while having a DEEF of 97.9. I hope he has some shades, because his future looks bright.

PF Earl Carver (Dragoons)

Drafted in the 2nd round Earl has come off the bench scoring 8 points in 19 minutes a game. He may not have a long career, but he will remember making this team forever.

SF Ernie Winchell (Inferno)

Ernie like Carver is a 2nd round pick happy to be in the game. Also, he might have Corr to thank for helping him achieve this.

Sophomore Starters

C John Budde (Sharks)

Budde has moved up from the bench in last years game to a start this year. The only problem with that is, is he a starter because he got better or because everyone else got worse? Well on paper his stats aren't much better than last year. While he may get more rebounds, his shooting is much worse. Either way, he is the starter.

PF John Finch (Sharks)

4 games and he gets to start. Yep, that is right. He is sending a thank you right now to Chris Noonan for playing Gregory Santiago at SF instead of PF.

SF Gregory Santiago (Snipers)

Santiago is the starter at SF, but he should be the starter at PF. He has done well at SF, but his lack of quickness and his lack of ability to hit a jump-shot should put him at PF. The one thing that he has going for him is that he is a really good basketball player.

SG Alfredo Moss (Archers)

Alfredo technically is in his 3rd year (Hippeli later same issue), but this is only his 2nd season in the OBWL. Since playing he has done excellent. He has proven that he can score the basketball and do it well. He shoots well from anywhere, the only problem he has is that he is allergic to defense.

PG Norbert Cottingham (Dragoons)

Norbert earned the starting PG last year in this game and he has done it again. This season he has taken big steps forward. He is averaging 13 points a game, 5.5 assists, 1.4 steals and only 1 foul a game. This is the type of game Norbert lives for.

Sophomore Bench

C Sandy Tucker (Chaos)

At this time last year Sandy was fine tuning himself in the D-League. This season he has been a part of the bench rotation for the Chaos this year. He is averaging 15 minutes a game while scoring 6 points and almost shooting 50%. The one thing this game shows is the lack of quality of big men in this draft.

SF Luitpold Hippelli (Blaze)

Hippelli started the season in the D-League to get his form back and as soon as they brought him back, they put him into the top 8 rotation. In 23 minutes, he is averaging 10 points a game. His teammate on this team and on his real team prevent him from getting more playing time he deserves.

SF Daniel West (Blaze)

Daniel was a starter last year and probably would be this year, but unfortunately, he isn't. While his numbers have improved from last season, the Blaze seem to wish he was doing a bit better with only 5 wins this season. That also might the lack of ready PG on the Blaze too.

SG Yevgeny Ilgauskas (Lumberjacks)

Yevgeny looked lost last season in both leagues he played. While it was known he was young, he still looked lost. This season is a 180. He has started 47 games for the Lumberjacks and has done well. Scoring almost 11 points a game, .473 FG and only 1.2 fouls in 28 minutes a game. If he keeps improving at this rate the Lumberjacks will have one of the best SG in the league on their team.

PG Dennis Jacobson (Coyotes)

Jacobson has started 12 games this year and is averaging 7.1 points a game. He was a 2nd round pick last year. This game may be one of the highlights of his career.

SG Louie Benfield (Knights)

Another former 2nd round pick Louie is coming off the bench to one of the best teams in the league and doing a good enough job that they keep letting him do it. While playing 18 minutes a game he averages about 8 points, 3 assists and having a .477 FG.

SG Andrew Lawler (Marauders)

Lawler was a starter last year, but this season is the last off the bench. Why? Well he was traded and since the trade his minutes and starts have gone down. Also, his offensive numbers have decreased slightly. So, what does this mean his future will just be a decline? Probably not, this looks to be like a small blip on a long career ahead for Lawler.

So, who is going to win this game? If I had to bet, I would say the rookies win the game by 9. Either way it should be a fun way to see what the future of the league will look like.


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Well done Greg! :-)

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