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2024 All Star Game Preview

Colby Allan and the London Knights will lead the National Conference into the 2024 All Star Game.

The 2024 OBWL All-Star Game selections were announced today. The leading vote-getter was once again Toronto's Charles Flowers, who will be making his 8th All Star appearance overall. For the American Conference, rising star Lynwood Emmert of the Sacramento Snipers was the leading vote-getter.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the 2024 All Star lineups.



C JOSE OWENS, LONDON KNIGHTS - 3rd All Star Appearance
21.2 ppg | 7.4 rpg | 2.8 bpg | 47.9 fg% | 27.1 PER

Although he has started just 5 games for London, Owens leads all OBWL centers in scoring (21.2) and PER (27.1) this season. Owens is posting career highs in PER, usage (30.9), and rebound rate (13.1) as the Knights lead the OBWL at the break with a 40-9 (.816) record. Owens is by far the best scoring center in the league, averaging 26.7 points per 36 minutes, more the 5 points better than runner-up Lenny Davis' 21.4 points per 36. Although the Knights traditonally rely on tough defense and sharing the ball on offense, Owens gives them a player who can take over games single-handedly with his scoring.

29.6 ppg | 10.9 rpg | 4.6 bpg | 50.8 fg% | 32.9 PER

Well on his way to a 5th MVP Award, Charles Flowers remains the league's best (and most dominant) player by nearly any measure. Flowers leads the OBWL in PER (32.9), Estimated Wins Added (17.4), Usage (33.3), points per game (29.6), and ranks 7th in rebounding (10.9), and 5th in blocks (4.6). Although the Huskies at 30-17 are well off their 65-win pace from a year ago, the 29-year-old Flowers has barely shown any sides of slowing down.

SF GREG FORE, DENVER DEMONS - 3rd All Star Appearance
27.9 ppg | 7.4 rpg | 3.5 apg | 46.9 fg% | 47.3 tfg% | 25.5 PER

After leading the Demons to the Finals and a heart-breaking 7 game series in 2023, Fore is having his best season - putting up career-best numbers in minutes, points, rebounds, assists, and three point percentage - despite Denver's up-and-down season so far. Despite a lot of chaos on and off the court in Denver, Fore has been a rock, ranking 2nd in the OBWL in scoring (27.9), 2nd in Estimated Wins Added (12.7), and 6th in PER (25.5). At the break the Demons lead the National West at 30-18 and one could argue that Fore is as valuable to his team's success as any player in the league - including Charles Flowers.

SG VAL CRUMLEY, LONDON KNIGHTS - 6th All Star Appearance
13.3 ppg | 6.2 rpg | 7.2 apg | 2.0 spg | 46.7 fg% | 39.9 tfg% | 22.3 PER

Crumley is the Knight's nominal shooting guard because London chooses to leverage his fantastic defense against opposing two-guards. Crumley remains the primary playmaker for the OBWL's most efficient offense (105.5 OEFF) ranking 4th in the league in assists per game. Despite often taking on the other team's best offensive player, Crumley is more than up for the task, ranking 5th in the OBWL in defensive efficiency (88.6). Crumley is perhaps the most complete guard in the game today, combining defense, rebounding, ball-hawking, playmaking, and supplemental scoring in a way few - if any - players have in the OBWL.

PG COLBY ALLAN, LONDON KNIGHTS - 5th All Star Appearance
17.4 ppg | 4.1 rpg | 4.6 apg | 48.2 fg% | 42.0 tfg% | 21.7 PER

Colby Allan has fit in perfectly with the Knights since coming over from Kansas City in the offseason's blockbuster three team trade. Always an unselfish player and now teamed up with three other All Stars in London, Allan may not get as many touches per game as he once did (his 24.4 usage this season is his lowest since he was a rookie) but has made up for it with increased efficiency. Allan's field goal percentage, three point percentage, and true shooting percentage (.600) are at their highest level since 2021, when Allan won the Most Valuable Player award. In addition Allan is posting his best assist percentage (21.7) since his rookie year and his Points Per Shot (1.36) is currently tied for his career best. In all, Allan has been the most efficient offensive player in the OBWL this season with a 109.1 Offensive Efficiency rating. Defensively Allan is a mediocre matchup defender but the Knights have Crumley to take the tough matchups and Allan has the smarts, quick hands, and quick feet to fit in adequately with the London's Top 3 team defense.


C Ervin Holmes, Minnesota Marauders - 1st All Star Appearance
8.1 ppg | 11.3 rpg | 5.0 bpg | 0.8 pfg | 50.2 fg% | 17.0 PER

A two-time All-Defensive first teamer, Holmes is having a career year under first year GM Jason Rouse's new regime. Always a force defensivley, Holmes is averaging career bests in reboundings and blocks this season while commiting his fewest fouls per game in five seasons. Holmes' steadying presence on defense has helped the Marauders' collection of prospects and journeymen coalesce enough to be on pace for a 39 or 40 win season, .500 being a big improvement on last season's 27-53 (.338) embarrassment.

PF Carl Terwilliger, Arizona Thunderbirds - 2nd All Star Appearance
17.5 ppg | 9.0 rpg | 4.1 bpg | 48.1 fg% | 25.8 PER

Terwilliger broke out last season in a huge way after signing with the T-Birds as a free agent, being named All-League 2nd Team, All-Defense 2nd Team, an All Star and Most Improved Player. Terwilliger has proven that last season was no fluke, following it up with near-identical numbers this season. Terwilliger ranks 5th in the OBWL in PER (25.8) and second among league power forwards (behind only Flowers of course). An underrated two-way player, Terwilliger ranks 10th in the OBWL in Estimated Wins Added (10.0).

SF James Nichol, San Diego Storm - 4th All Star Appearance
26.0 ppg | 7.1 rpg | 2.6 apg | 50.6 fg% | 25.9 PER

Nichol has now been selected to the All Star Game in each of his four seasons with the Storm. Although the Storm appear to be on the outside looking in at the playoffs again this season, Nichol is playing as well as he ever has. Nichol ranks 4th in the OBWL in scoring at 26 points per game while shooting a career high 50.6% from the field. In addition to scoring, Nichol is an excellent rebounder, a good (although sometimes foul prone) defender, and decent passer. Although his shooting range is limited (0-15 for his career from three) Nichol is still one of the most talented players in the OBWL.

SG Dennis Pichardo, Vancouver Highlanders - 2nd All Star Appearance
21.2 ppg | 5.7 rpg | 1.9 apg | 48.5 fg% | 38.9 tfg% | 24.0 PER

At 22-25 it's been rough first half for the Highlanders, who are in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time since the 2020 season. Drafted #7 overall in 2019, Dennis Pichardo has steadily improved every season, winning the OBWL 6th Man Award in 2021, becoming an All Star for the first time in 2023, and this season arguably taking the mantle of Vancouver's franchise player from Highlanders legend Micheal Keyes. Pichardo is a wing that can do just about everything well, scoring from all over the floor (.586 TSP, .389 3FG%, 1.29 PPS), rebounding (17.1 DRR), and defense. About his only weakness is turnovers, but even those are not terribly out of line for a player who ranks 4th overall in the OBWL in usage rate.

PG Micheal Keyes, Vancouver Highlanders - 7th All Star Appearance
9.7 ppg | 3.9 rpg | 8.9 apg | 5.32 A/T | 45.3 fg% | 41.4 tfg% | 20.0 PER

Micheal Keyes, 32 years old and in his 11th season, is starting to show the first signs of his Hall of Fame career slowing down. Of course, "slowing down" for the OBWL's current all time assist leader simply means making the NatCon All Star team as a reserve. Keyes is averaging a career-low in socring (9.7 ppg) but is posting a career-high .583 true shooting percentage. Keyes is taking the fewest shots (8.0) and lowest usage rate (17.6) since the 2017 season. Keyes' teammate Jerrold Dean has increased his usage, field goal attampts, and scoring averages significantly over last season, so it is debatable whether Keyes has lost a step or simply is acceding more offensive responsibility to his younger teammates. Keyes leads the league in assists per game (8.9) so even if there has been any decline in the point guard's athletic ability he is more than capable of compensating with skill and experience.

PF Jean Larry, London Knights - 3rd All Star Appearance
12.0 ppg | 12.1 rpg | 7.4 bpg | 0.8 pfg | 23.9 PER

Hard to believe that a 3-time All Star, 4-time Defensive Player of the Year, and 3-time block leader can improve on his resume at 29 years old, but Jean Larry is having the best season of his career. Larry is averaging career highs in points, rebounds, and - amazingly - blocked shots this season. Larry has posted 7 triple doubles this season... the rest of the OBWL combined has seven. In fact, Larry is the OBWL's career leader in triple doubles with 23, more than twice the number of runner-up and teammate Val Crumley's 11 career triple doubles. Larry has a legit claim for the title of best defensive player in OBWL history, and with him having a career year the Knights are soaring at 40-9 and look to be the favorites to win the Heikkinen Cup this year. Let's face it: If it weren't for the statistical dominance of Charles Flowers, the Knights would rightfully have four starters in this year's All Star game.

PF Udo Bach, Honolulu Inferno - 1st All Star Appearance
22.8 ppg | 7.5 rpg | 2.5 apg | 48.5 fg% | 20.3 PER

Despite trading most of their veterans, like All Star center Richard Hardee and point guard Horace Robinson, in the offseason. the Inferno appear to have taken a step forward mostly due to the development of their deep corps of prospects. The most dramatic example of that development would be Udo Bach, the third year power forward out of Leipzig, Germany. Bach has increased his scoring average by 8 points per game over last season to go along with career numbers in rebounds, assists, and field goal percentage. Bach is almost certainly going to take home the Most Improved Player award this season, and making a NatCon All Star team loaded with power forward talent is a great achievement for the 24 year old.



C LENNY DAVIS, LOS ANGELES CHAOS - 4th All Star Appearance
19.4 ppg | 6.3 rpg | 2.3 apg | 2.1 bpg | 20.4 PER

One of the few bright spots in a dismal season for the 17-31 Chaos, Lenny remains one of the most talented scoring big men in the OBWL and a fan favorite in LA. Even with the departure of franchise player Renato Ardoin and the Chaos rebuilding, the 6'11" Davis still ranks 2nd among all centers in points, first in free throw attempts, and first in both inside field goals made and attempted.

22.3 ppg | 11.0 rpg | 3.7 apg | 4.6 bpg | 22.0 PER

Not unlike Davis, former #1 overall draft pick Gary Williams is the ray of hope in an otherwise difficult season for the Blackjacks. On pace to win only 28 games this year and miss the playoffs for the third straight season, Williams gives Blackjacks fans something to root for other than the offseason draft lottery. Williams is still a prime time box score stat stuffer - one of the rare players with the ability to flirt with a quadruple double - but his shooting has taken a big hit this season (40.2% fgs) as the Blackjacks floundered early with a lengthy injury to SF Stephen Lee. The Blackjacks have won 6 of their last 10 games heading into the All Star break however, so perhaps Williams and newly acquired SG Brian Montes are learning to play together and lead Las Vegas to better success in the second half.

21.1 ppg | 5.5 rpg | 3.7 apg | 1.9 spg | 45.8 fg% | 45.7 tfg% | 22.3 PER

Reunited with the general manager who drafted him (Jay Amado) in the offseason, Ardoin has had a bounce-back season after shifting back to his more natural SF position after playing as a "stretch 4" in his last season for the Chaos. Ardoin certainly has the talent to play multiple positions but battling with bigger players night after night seemed to take a toll on Ardoin's overall production. This season with the ball in his hands more (25.9 usage, his highest in six seasons) Ardoin is posting numbers almost identical to his career averages. Although Ardoin's arrival in Philadelphia hasn't had the transformational impact some had thought it would have (the Americans are still hovering around .500 this season), he certainly isn't the source of any of their problems either.

26.2 ppg | 5.9 rpg | 47.6 fg% | 22.3 PER

The ascent has been rapid for Emmert, the former #1 overall draft pick out of UNLV. Last year, in just his second season he was named All-League 1st Team and now in his third year he makes his first All Star Game start. Emmert is an amazing athlete, able to get into the paint and score at will, ranking 3rd in the OBWL in points per game and leading all perimeter players in "paint buckets" (inside field goals). Emmert also is second in the OBWL in free throw attempts at nearly 8 per game.

16.0 ppg | 5.0 rpg | 8.2 apg | 1.6 spg | 45.1 fg% | 38.7 tfg% | 17.0 PER

Will the real Lynwood please stand up? Please stand up? Please stand up? OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way... Although his numbers a down just a bit from last season, Jamison is making his third straight All Star Game for the Invaders. With 34 year old Cleveland averaging less than 20 ppg for the first time in his 12 year career it may be fair to say we are finally seeing the passing of the torch for the Invaders franchise. Jamison, the former #24 pick in the 2018 draft, is currently 2nd in the OBWL in assists (8.2). In fact, Jamison averages more combined points and assists than any other point guard in the league. Just 26 years old, Jamison figures to be the Invaders' floor leader for many seasons to come.


C Richard Hardee, Kansas City Pioneers - 4th All Star Appearance
17.0 ppg | 9.3 rpg | 3.0 apg | 1.3 bpg | 46.3 fg% | 20.5 PER

In his first season in KC, Hardee has fit in well and provided a strong inside/outside presence in the middle the team hasn't had since Dontae Grant retired. Hardee leads all OBWL centers in assists, ranks third in points, and 7th in rebounds (12th overall). Hardee frequently handles the ball at the free throw line extended (the "elbows") in the Pioneers' motion offense, hitting cutters for assists or dropping in jumpers (2nd among centers in jump shots made behind Jose Owens). In addtion to finesse, Hardee lends muscle to a KC defense that ranks 3rd in defensive efficiency, 4th in rebound percentage, and 9th in block percentage.

PF Hunter Heath, Tampa Bay Tritons - 4th All Star Appearance
13.9 ppg | 7.5 rpg | 3.0 apg | 1.9 spg | 1.8 bpg | 22.7 PER

Hunter Heath is the straw the stirs the drink that is the 38-10 Tritons. One of the best and most versatile defenders to ever play in the OBWL, Heath can disrupt opposing offenses almost single-handedly. Whether it's dogging shooters on the perimeter, playing the passing lanes, battling big men down low, or helping protect the rim, the 3-time All Defense performer is the sparkplug for a Tritons defense that ranks 2nd in points allowed (89.4) and 1st in defensive efficiency (90.5).

SF Andrew Jackson, Kentucky Stallions - 1st All Star Appearance
23.2 ppg | 5.8 rpg | 2.0 apg | 47.3 fg% | 22.9 PER

At first glance it seems suprising that this is Jackson's first selection to the All Star team. Drafted after one season of college ball at UNLV, it just seems like the 24 year old has been playing at a high level for several seasons now. One of the best athletes in the OBWL, "El Presidente" ranks 6th in the league in scoring and 3rd in free throw attempts. A 6'5" jumping jack, Jackson can rim-attack with the best of them and is capable enough from three point range (34.4% on nearly 5 attempts per game) to keep defenses honest. Throw in an exceptional midrange game (46.7% on jumpers), solid perimeter defense, and strong work on the defensive glass and the Stallions have an emerging star to build around for the next decade.

SG Domenic Baum, St. Louis Sun Kings - 4th All Star Appearance
23.9 ppg | 5.1 rpg | 3.0 apg | 2.0 spg | 25.9 PER

After arriving from the Blackjacks last season Baum went on to lead the Sun Kings to the OBWL championship, earning All Star, All-League 1st Team, and Playoff MVP honors along the way. Baum established himself as the Sun Kings' best player and go-to guy and that role has continued this season. Although there is some feeling around the St. Louis front office that the team isn't competing as well as they should in defending their title, the Sun Kings currently have a better winning percentage at the break (.750) than they did all of last season (59-21, .738). Although teams like the Knights, Tritons, and Pioneers have stolen some of the spotlight so far this season, the Sun Kings - led by Baum and his three star teammates Dong Richardson, Timothy Adler, and Jorge Denis - are in excellent shape.

PG Mack Lavoie, Kansas City Pioneers - 1st All Star Appearance
20.4 ppg | 3.8 rpg | 2.4 apg | 2.4 spg | 51.5 fg% | 42.3 tfg% | 23.0 PER

Coming over from London in the blockbuster trade that sent out franchise cornerstones Colby Allan and Darell Edwards, Lavoie has assumed the reigns at point guard in the Pioneers' unorthodox motion offense this season. In a system designed to share the ballhandling responsibilities across the lineup, Lavoie has thrived matching up with opposing team's point guards. Defensively he has the quickness, strength, and length to harrass ballhandlers at the point of attack, ranking 2nd in the OBWL in steals (2.4) per game. Offensively those same attributes allow him to take advantage of smaller players either in the post or simply shooting over them on the perimeter. As result Lavoie is posting career highs in True Shooting Percentage (.604, 5th in the OBWL), field goal percentage (.515), inside shooting percentage (.607), and jump shot percentage (.509). Lavoie's two-way play this season has be integral for the Pioneers' 37-10 record at the break.

SG Mark Marble, Kansas City Pioneers - 3rd All Star Appearance
20.9 ppg | 4.6 rpg | 3.5 apg | 1.2 spg | 20.7 PER

Marble became the starting shooting guard when Allan was traded and has stepped up to the challenge of contributing more than just instant offense scoring. Marble, in addition to his usual 20+ ppg, is posting career highs in assists and assist-to-turnover ratio (1.50). Marble has also stepped upped defensively, grabbing a career-best 4.6 rebounds per game and doing his part on opposing shooting guards for a Pioneers defense that is holding opponents to 32.5% on threes and 41.3% shooting overall.

PF John Newton, Philadelphia Americans - 1st All Star Appearance
20.5 ppg | 7.0 rpg | 2.1 apg | 48.5 fg% | 21.8 PER

A former #3 pick overall after one season at Syracuse, 25-year-old John Newton has steadily improved every season and has now earned his first All Star selection. One of the strongest players in the OBWL, Newton ranks 4th in the league in offensive rebounds (3.1) and tied for 2nd in inside field goals made (6.0) per game. Newton is relentless around the basket, using a blend of power and shooting touch to get buckets inside. Newton also ranks 5th among OBWL big men in free throw attempts (5.2) per game. Defensively, Newton is average at best in both individual matchups and help defense. Newton isn't the kind of all-around star that you can build a team around, but he is one of the best at what he does and is the kind of core player that good teams need.



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