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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 15:49

Another Blaze Coach Fired

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This is Toyota Kawasaki reporting from the Chicago Blaze headquarters.  We are here on breaking news that the team has decided to make some moves in the coaching department.  While we haven’t heard who is being signed, we know who is being fired, Celino Cortina and Clint Barnard.  We are awaiting GM Greg Abcarian to step up to the podium to make an official announcement.  While we wait, we heard the team has also waived…wait wait here is.


Walking slowing to the podium looking across the room GM Greg Abcarian waves to the room with a serious look on his face as he starts to speak: 

“Hello everyone, thank you for coming to this press conference today.  We are here to announce that Celino Cortina and Clint Barnard have been fired as of the All-Star break.  Everyone from the owner of the team to the janitor that cleans up the stadium is not happy with only having 5 wins at the break and being the joke of the league.  We had hoped Cortina’s expertise as an assistant coach for 6 years would have helped take over this team and help the team move forward.  Unfortunately, everything he tried did not work and the team decided that it was necessary for a change now.  As for Clint Barnard, he is being fired because he didn’t really mesh with the other assistants and with Cortina gone, we are looking for 2 coaches to fix all the holes each of these last 2 coaches.   We do wish them well in the future, but unfortunately this is part of the business.  Any  questions?”


Toyota Kawasaki:  I have 2 questions; do you know who you ware hiring? And what do you expect to achieve this year by doing this now?


GM Abcarian:  We have 4 coaches on our radar at the moment we have had extensive talks with them, but we will not be mentioning any names until we have names on paper.  As for your second question, we expect to win games of course and improve.  We don’t want to be the laughing stock of the league.  We understand we are young and need to improve greatly, but we should also have more than 5 wins now.  Also, with the newer coaches hopefully we will have guys that can help develop our players a little bit more.


Toyota Kawasaki:  With the new coaches do you expect a drastic increase in wins?


GM Abcarian:  While I I don’t expect us to become a contender this year, I do expect better results and hopefully that will translate into wins and better development overall for our team.  The one thing that is sure, we can’t do much worse.


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