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2024 All Star Skills Competition

The 2024 OBWL All Star Skills Competition featured a brand new dunk champ and the return of a three-time 3-point king.

RimRocker Slam Dunk Contest

It is that time of year that all teams take a few days off. Players get a much-needed rest. For other players, they want to be nominated and showcase their skills. Earlier today, the OBWL announced the line-ups for the rim-rocker and three-point skills showdown.

Timothy Adler from the Sun Kings is a 24 year-old small forward. He is known for putting the ball in the hoop.

David Kitchens comes from Ben Johnson's Pioneers squad. He is a 6'3 shooting guard known for his break-away dunks.

Louis Engram of the Evolution is the talk of the league. This young men is just 19 years old and has a future in this league. Will Marco develop this talent to his fullest?

Joey Short comes from the Marauders. He was the 24th pick in 2020. At 6'4, he is one of the shorter players in this competition.

Daniel West from the Blaze. This 21 year-old wing player has a lot of potential in the league and for the rim-rocker competition

Marvin Marshall from the Blaze is a 6'5 small forward. At 26, he can leap with the best. The youngster is a previous champion and has been here multiple times.

The Blaze came with the most bragging rights with two players on the team. Greg Abcarian's team has won less than ten games. This gives his players something to look forward too. Marshall informed everyone that he has been here before and that the contest was his to give away.

Each player took their turn. The results were as follows:

Adler 50.0;
Kitchens 49.6;
Engram 49.4;
Short 48.8;
West 47.1;
Marshall at 46.7.

Marshall had no creativity and it cost him. He duplicated his dunks from last year and was not rewarded.

This brought us to the finals between Kitchens and Adler. It came down to the final dunk. Adler went with a two handed windmill that shook the rim violently. Kitchen went old school with a famous Irving Nieves backscratcher tomahawk dunk. This brought the crowd do its feet and in the end earned Kitchens the title of rim-rocker champion as he won the fan vote, 53.8% to 46.2% for Adler.


AT&T Long Distance Shootout

Players are always happy to come show off their long-range abilities. This year six players were nominated.

Jacquez Becklin comes from the Thunderbirds. Nick Simpson had two players honored this year. He is 33 years old and is known as a great club house guy. He makes others around him better. Teammates believe he has a shot to win this.

Timothy O'Connor is the second player from Arizona. This shooting guard comes in with a .387 lifetime average behind the arc.

Sean Anderson will represent the Sharks. He shoots .387 from three-point land. Jeramay Lay likes his contributions to his team. He opens up the floor for others with his outside shooting ability.

Renato Ardoin, from the Americans, is an obvious pick. This guy is one of the elite players in the league. He has a career average of almost 20 points per game and hits the three ball at a .452. Jay Amado loves to make trades and no one knows if Renato will be part of the team after this weeks' activities.

Greg Fore is another one of the elite players in the league. KVM of the Demons is happy that other teams have to game plan around him. He has career averages of 23 points per game and a .424 three-point percent.

Dennis Pichardo is representing the Highlanders. Daryl Suber is happy that his shooting guard is participating. He has played his whole career for Vancouver after being drafted seventh in 2019.

First round results: Ardoin 15, Fore 13, Becklin 13, O'Connor 11, Pichardo 8 and Anderson 7.

Jacquez Becklin was the first to shoot in the finals. He missed a couple of money balls. This might be good enough to win, but he would have to wait.

Greg Fore, the 2018 fifth overall pick, couldn't find his shot. He finished with only nine points and knew his night was over.

After Becklin hit for 17 points, Renato Ardoin knew what he needed to do. He hit his last 10 shots to score 20 and become this years' winner.


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