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Dragoons: Playoff bound

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Fort Worth could be returning to the playoffs this year.  The team has missed them the last three years.  Last year, Coach Booker was able to get 32 wins.

This year, the Dragoons have 38 wins.  There are six team fighting for the last five positions.  The magic number for General Manager Hitch is three.  So, a combination of three wins or losses by the Dragoons or the Blackjacks.  Las Vegas has been playing well. They have won eight of ten and are just two and a half games out of the eighth spot themselves.

"We just have to take care of business during our last seven games.  If we do so, then we will find out if we can secure home field advantage," Hitch stated.  The team has some tough games ahead of them.  However, they secured a big win today against the Demons.  The experts feel that the Dragoons should get wins against the Blazers and two against the Lumberjacks.  The magic number to secure home field advantage is six.

At the beginning of the year, not many general managers had Fort Worth in the playoffs.  Some wondered if Hitch was over his head.  Many wondered why he was giving all the young players time.  As the year went on, he was questioned by fans on why he didn't go after players to make the team better.  There were trade talks but Hitch did not make a move.

In the end, the organization appears headed in the right direction.  No assets have been given up in future years. The team will have cap money next year with Newhous coming off the books.  There is a chance of increased budgets next year with a winning season.  On top of it all, the young players have developed.

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