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Dragoons: Playoff bound

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The Fort Worth Dragoons are once again in the playoffs.

Gone are the days when Denis lead the team at the point and Montes was in his prime hitting the basket.  Hofer, no longer defends the rim and Newhous is on the downside of his.

This team has a group of young talented players.  None are considered a top player in the league, but Hitch has brought the team concept to the players.  His coaching staff has the youngster believing that anything is possible.  With that said, they will have to step up to beat last years champions, the Sunkings.  The team will have three starters 24 and under.  The team has only 39 games of playoff experience.  Granger is the only player who has been playoff tested.

Hitch has promised that changes will be made for the playoffs.  There have been no clues on what they will be.  However, most experts believe that the Sunkings may sweep the series unless Fort Worth can come up with a perfect game plan and the play to go along with it.

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