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Tuesday, 07 May 2019 16:47

Chucks Blog Vol XV: No change overnight

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Chuck checking in is deliverd to you by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.


Bad GMs don’t change all of a sudden. They don’t have an enlightening awakening in the morning and usually they don't have any feeling of guilt. Their one chance to change their perception is by pure luck. It is in case they should luck or stumble into a championship somehow.

Will KvM be an exception?

Yeah, I know. Nice try. Bad joke. Haha.

Back to reality: our window in Denver has closed.

It has been open for one season only and that one ended with a game seven loss in the OBWL finals against the St. Louis SunKings. And now it's all over.

To state that at the beginning of the playoffs with a team that still has Greg Fore, Charles Cazares and Daniel Goodrum wearing it's jerseys probably is the worst you can say about a GM. But it's true in case of Klaus von Meyerinck, that fat, bald and uggly fishmac eating maniac who somehow must have escaped the insane asylum way back when in Germany.

But this freak took the fun and the hope out of this eason with his mishandling of Center Charles Ottinger.


He managed to mishandle him and the Demons twice in one season. And now all we have left from our championship run last year is a team that gave away homecourt in game one of the first round against the Vancouver Highlanders.

It's a team destined to fail.

We have said it repeatedly but it's the nucleus of a lost campaign: The trade of Darin Deans for Charles Ottinger never should have happened. It destroyed whatever great thing Denver had riding.

But once you made that decision however ill advised it has been, there has been left one option and one option only: ride the new thing till the end of the year and see where it will take you.

Ride the new concept of exchanging Deans ferocity and defensive power for Ottingers scoring touch. That's what you have been talking about before, right? Get a second option, taking some pressure away from Greg Fore to save the day every night. That's too much to ask from everybody, even one of the best. Isn't it?!

But with just when the first tiny obstacles hit and one, two, maybe three losses too many occured, our fat crazy braniac of a GM lost his nerve and did chase Ottinger out of town for worn out veteran point Darrel Edwards whom the Demons didn't want and didn't need in the first place. You can call that running a team's value into the ground so painfully stupid that you would think it happened as an act of sabotage. If you didn't know better. Didn't know that dumb fatso for who he is. He just can't himself.

Now Denver has got nothing.

Nothing meaning: a good team. But no more the championship caliber defense which it gave up for Ottinger. Mistake #1 as said.

Nor the additional fire power it traded for. With Ottinger's exit that's gone too. Mistake #2 and maybe even bigger of a mistake at that.

Well, we got some future, right?

No, not picks. Of course not. We don't have any this upcoming draft. Another stroke of genius by our GM.

We have future now in what you could call financial stability and maneuverability. How great is that?!

So it's all about the next free agency then?

Yes, dummy, it is!

And maybe, if we are lucky and the good Gods smile upon the Demons and we can sign a really good player or two, maybe then it's about next year. Well, of course you never know with free agency which in OBWL is far more tricky than the draft.

So let's state the obvious then: This season is over. It has been degraded to kind of a bridge season by our great GM.

Thanks for nothing, stupid!

So: Our beloved Demons haven't got it anymore. It: whatever you need to advance to the finals and fight for the ring.

And truth be told: does it really matter if we go out in round one or in round two? And guys, trust me, you all feel it too, round two will be the best this team can achieve. So the hurtful truth is: Right at the beginning of the playoffs our Demons are finished already in a sense of the bigger picture. And yes, and we all know, there wouldn't be any difference had they won game one against the Highlanders.

So let's get this over with. Let's watch a couple of more games, maybe three, maybe ten. Who cares? And then we will be finally done for a wasted year that brought nothing but a painful step back.

And after that let's hope for a miracle. Let's hope for next year to get better, however that is supposed to work without our GM changing for the better over night.

Since that would be the biggest miracle of them all, wouldn't it?


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