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Thursday, 09 May 2019 19:56

Sunkings fake injury?

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"I don't know about these injury reports.  The leagues tells us Adler is out for the series after play had to be stopped during game two for him.  Then, he shows up for game three and plays 39 minutes.  Did he have a miracle cure?  I think the league should fine Dom and the Sunkings." Hitch stated with anger in his voice.

Now to play on the court.  Game one was all Sunkings in their home opener.  The Dragoons staff tried to utilize match ups and moved Motley to point guard.  After one game, he was moved back to shooting guard.  He immediately led the team to an upset with a 40 point effort.  He was 10-21 from the field, 7-14 from behind the arc, 13-14 from the free throw line and added 14 rebounds.  The Dragoons had stolen home court advantage but could not hold it.  At home, the game was within three in the last minute of the game, but Fort Worth lost.  "I heard many general managers saying I couldn't lead our team.  They said that the team could not compete and that I am not a star.  They can say what they want, but my team has come to play against the champs.  We will fight to the end." Motley explained after the tough loss.

Play resumes tonight.  The Dragoons are expected to see Adler for the entire game unless he mysteriously has another injury.  "They say he has migraines.  He better not come in the paint tonight," Newhous emphasized, "We will knock him around a bit and make him pay where ever we can strike him at."





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