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Wednesday, 19 June 2019 17:18

Demons' future uncertain

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Denver. And so it's over. Maybe it has been kind of a selffullfilling prophecy. There may have been half a dozen games played this season when Denver Demons GM Klaus von Meyerinck started his season long rant along a "we suck" line.

Well, the man sure got what he asked for. The Demons won their division, barely, and they still went into the first playoff round against the Vancouver Highlanders as favorites. Four games later their season ended. It ended with an embarassing sweep.

So after being humiliated 0-4 by the Highlanders: what now?

On first sight Denver does not seem to be in a bad sitiation come next off-season.

Here's the pros:

- Greg Fore is under contract and reportedly Denver's top star hasn't got any intention to seek a new challenge.

- Charles Cazares and Daniel Goodrum are signed too, so Denver's big 3 core looks intact.

- The team was able to extend Larry Burt's contract. He still is on a ridiculously low contract and is the guy holding things together.

- Gino Rodriguez looks like he has the potential to serve as a starting C.

- Guards Jamel Tomlin and Michael Spriggs are looking like talents worth keeping.

- With the much critisized trade for PG Darrell Edwards the team was able to trim the high payroll down to 72 million and isn't strangled financially anymore. It has some room for the upcoming FA.

- KvM lately has shown signs of slowing down his crazyness.


And here's the cons:

- Greg Fore is a tremendous star, maybe a superstar. But he's not Charles Flowers.

- Charles Cazares is overpayed.

- Larry Burt is slowing down.

- Jamel Tomlin and Michael Spriggs may be busts.

- The team never overcame the loss of C Darin Deans.

- Finances don't look pitch dark anymore, but still the Demons are a long way from making any FA impact.

- The team has 0 draft picks. Zero! Null!

- KvM still is KvM.

Bottom line: The Demons may have reached a turning point. It's hard to imagine how they can succeed to add another top player and maybe it's time to dismantle the core of Fore, Cazares and Goodrum and trade any one of the guys for more depths or talent.

But having said that KvM still is KvM all we can do is wait and see...


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