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Thursday, 04 July 2019 00:55

Dragoons long awaited press conference

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There have been many questions about what is happening in Fort Worth.  There has not been many answers

Rumors were flowing that the Dragoons owner Blake Cain was looking to move the team.  It started with rumblings about a move to South Florida.  The Sharks had an opening for a new owner.  The team has a budget of more than 30 million more than the Dragoons.  It would be a bigger market with a dedication fan base and a decent economy.  Did the Fort Worth ownership actually look at this option?  The league office will not comment.

General Manager, Kevin Hitch, had to field more rumors in the days following the announcement that the Sharks had secured new ownership.  What were the new rumors?  There was an article in a small time newspaper out of Houston.  The front page headlines asked if the Dragoons were still interested in moving.  This in itself didn't seem like a question that had not already been asked.  However, there were more details in  the article.

The writer would not disclose his sources, but he stated that the mayor had been in talks with Cain about using a new stadium.  A new stadium one might ask?  Houston doesn't have a stadium but the city has a high demand for getting a team.  The economy is in good shape and it is a larger market than Fort Worth. 

What are the benefits to this move?  Houston is 275 miles up the road.  It is close enough that current fans could still come to a game.  The economy would drive higher ticket prices and a new city could bring new fans.  Would Cain sell the team or stay the owner upon a move?  What would it take to get a stadium built.  The reported would not give any more details other than his source said that the Dragoons had made a commitment to pay for part of a new stadium.

If this is true, what happens if the offer is turned down?  Will Dragoons lose their existing fan base.

Today, Hitch found out that potential coaches may be concerned also.  Two coaches accepted less money to take a position with other organizations.  He lost another coach to London by offering 10 million less than the Knights.  Would he have signed with a higher team budget?  No one will know for sure.  Hitch did convince Kolby Kurzyna to take the head coach position. 

He may not have been the top pick but he was among them.  This man took his team to the conference finals and has been Coach of the Year.  Kolby has made the playoffs for seven of the last eight years.  He has a career 552 winning percentage and came from the Americans.  When asked why he was hired, Hitch stated that he needed a coach that could handle change.  He showed this with a general manager who actively traded players?

Hmm, change?  It sure sounds like change of some kind is coming!

 Head Coach Kolby Kurzyna decided to take t
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