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Saturday, 06 July 2019 17:08

Less money, no options in Denver

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Denver. No, this is not about a new crazy outbreak of Denver Demons' GM Klaus von Meyerinck. It's quiet there for the moment, the GM has taken off with a truckload of fishmacs and some of his female bodyguards to drive around in the US, and so far no one knows where he is or what he is doing. And no one really wants to know anymore.

So Demons owner James Anderson, much hated by his GM, took command for now and his first order of business has been a budget cut.

So headcoach Bo Balzer, much hated by his GM, has to plan for the new season in a role as acting GM and has to do so on an 85 million budget instead of a 92 million one last year.

Less money and almost no options in Denver.

Reportedly Balzer has asked the owner for more money, reportedly Balzer was planning to try and bring back C Darin Deans who after a terrible trade with Tampa Bay is entering free agency.

Nothing will happen there however. Absolutely nothing. Anderson, deeply concerned and disgruntled because of the teams high luxury taxation last year has cut the budget instead and put a huge stop sign to any high flying plans. Going out in an embarassing fashion against the Vancouver Highlanders in round one of the playoffs didn't help matters either. The Demons got their asses handed to them and went down 0-4 a few weeks ago.

So where is the team standing now:


Denver has traded all picks for the upcoming draft in pretty much senseless trades. They will be a non participent. Worst possible scenario here.

Free Agency

With the budget cut the Demons are over cap by almost 10 million already, they have left a mere 10 million budget space. Meaning they will be a non factor in the bidding war for any star player and rather have to think twice how and IF to spend their MLE. Best case scenario: they secure a useful bench player. Typical scenario: they spend it on some random guy who will be traded after that anytime soon.

Current roster

With a projected starting five of

C Ronald Richardson

PF Charles Cazares

SF Greg Fore

SG Daniel Goodrum

PG Larry Burt

things should look bright in Denver. But that lineup is exactly the one that lost to almost every top team during regular season and rather limped into the playoffs. Only to get humiliated by the Highlanders in round one. And there's nothing hinting towards the idea that this lineup should do much better without siginficant outside help. Replacing Darin Deans with Charles Ottinger was a terrible move and as it looks Ronald Richardson is nowhere near replacing Deans.


Basically two.

1) Stay the course, sit through the huge contracts of Goodrum and especially Cazares for better or worse.

2) Rebuild.


The Demons won't and simply can't rebuild since OBWL is a tough spot for teams loaded with expensive star players. In Denver the OBWL has a reputation for a majority of GMs being very cautious and acting rather conservatively and avoiding risks and financially bold moves. Whether that's true or not, not having any draft pick makes this off-season the worst possible point in time to start a rebuild. What complicates matters even more is the roster construction: Trading either Cazares or Goodrum would be a half hearted rebuild, and trading both in one off-season seems impossible at this point.


Expect a basically unchanged Demons team that will fill it's roster with one MLE guy if at all or just minimum contract veterans. Expect a team which will be stuck where it is now: Somewhere around 50 plus minus 3 wings and an early playoff exit. Somewhere in luxury tax territory with a disgruntled owner that will make yet another budget cut next off season.

Looks like the title window which was supposed to be open for 3 years due to a huge mistake has closed after one year and it's final loss against St. Louis. The next three years in Denver will probably be boring and agonizing to watch. What you will see will be a slowly decreasing team that will therefore waist Greg Fore's prime.

Thanks for nothing, KvM.



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