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Sunday, 21 July 2019 16:54

Dragoons start of season

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The Dragoons have been quite in the off season.  With only about 7 million to spend in free agency, Fort Worth was not expected to be a major player.

Before the draft, General Manager Hitch made a trade with the Sharks.  He traded a second round pick for Budde.  He is a former Mr. Basketball and was a first round pick last year.  Hitch felt Budde would be better than any second rounder he could draft this year.  With the 15th overall pick in this years draft, Fort Worth added Earl Lett.  Lett grew up in Austin, Texas and played for the University of Texas.  He wanted to stay close to home and Fort Worth meets those wants.  Many feel he is ready to play now.  However, he will come off the bench behind Baranowki who just had a break out year.

In free agency, two former Dragoons players were signed.  Shows and Reece were both brought back, but they played with a different coaching staff.  The signings come as a surprise.  Reece is a little better shooter and has a lot more speed, but does he make enough of a difference to sign him?  The other signing was Shows who is a center that played for Fort Worth just last year.  Why is this a surprise? It is because Budde was just brought in.  Shows is bigger and stronger but lacks the stamina.

Will the Dragoons sign anyone else?  Who will make the team coming out of training camp?

Early line up possibilities include

Granger, Budde, Shows

Budd, Carver

Baranowski, Lett, Banks, Reece

Motley, Maxwell, Reed

Cottingham, Griffen


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