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Monday, 12 August 2019 10:35

Philadelphia Presser Ahead of Season Opener

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On the eve of the season opener the Philadelphia Americans GM has finally faced the media ahead his teams clash with the Seattle SeaDogs. Gibson so far has layed low since returning to the top job which has frustrated many sports journalists and writers of the OBWL who have been forced to wait for answers or anything to write about in regards to the Philadelphia organisation. That wait was finally over today as the Americans called a press conference to discuss everything from Gibson's return to management and the Americans championship prospects to Gibson's long running feud with the Stallions GM.

"What did you make of the pre-season in Philadelphia? It seems like you guys did a fair amount of experimenting and didn't take things too seriously"

That is a fair observation. We brought in a number of new players into our system, some are here long term hopefully and others are just stopping by so we need to find the kind of guys that are going to fit in and play a role for us. We figured a few things out but we still have a ways to go before we are playing the type of ball that we want to play.

"Was there anything in particular that you either liked or disliked over those six games?" 

There is a lot to work on, like finding a defensive brand that suits us to keep our fouls down and limit our opponents scoring options but there is a whole lot to like at the same time. I knew we were gonna be a high scoring team which is great but what's most pleasing in that aspect was our scoring efficiency and i think we can improve that further if we raise out free throw percentage as well. Combine that with our ball movement and our ability to play in the passing lanes, that really suggests that we have a bunch guys that are playing team ball and that alone usually takes teams a long way.

"You recruited three familiar faces to the Americans in Michael Jenkins, Bobo and Elroy. You've had your issues in the past with all three players so can you give us some insight into why you went after these guys?"

Yep. We wanted to move away from the system of playing a defensive center so we moved out KG and brought in Jenkins. It's really that simple, we wanted to go small and score heavily we know that Michael will be good for that. I think the Americans took a bit of a step backwards last season and with our age profile i don't think you can just run it back and hope to improve, you need to make moves and try something new. Bobo and Elroy, well we need legit point guards out there and each of those guys will play a role for us if they can keep the ball under control.

"What was the lure of the Philadelphia Americans to make you want to return to the league in the same role that seemed to send you a little nuts in Minnesota?"

My interest peaked in Philli after meeting with ownership and the board which has been solid and stable for a long period. We share similar outlooks and ambitions for the franchise and winning is everything to this ball club so we look to do what we can to put some silverware in the trophy case. There is a great roster to work with that I've admired from afar so at first i was a little hesitant but the minute i stepped foot into this organisation it felt right.

"What's the objective for the season?"

Well i think anything short of finals would be a disaster. The American conference is tough, there's a bunch of great teams out here so we know it'll be tough but i think this team has was it takes to make the finals and from there anything can happen. It all starts with wins and we gotta get them right from the get go, no excuses.

"Getting to the American conference or better yet the AmEast Division. You now share that division with Robert Sheppard's Kentucky Stallions. How is the long running feud between yourself and that organisation gonna play out? Can we expect to see the same level of intensity in that matchup as we saw in Minnesota or has that beef been squashed?"

I guess we'll have to see how that plays out but i dare say if Philli and Kentucky are standing in each other way we could see fireworks. I see they had a good season in my absence but im not gonna sit here and say i admire anything about the Stallion's until they do it on my watch with all the distractions i may bring their way. So yeah they still haven't done anything that impresses me.

"Last question. Whats left to do before tip off? Are you guys ready to go?

Just about ready to go yeah. We currently have one spot to cut and unfortunately that's going to be Jordyn Hardin. We've had that talk. He's a great player and future hall of famer no doubt and we hope there is a team out there that he can play the year out with. Other then that we are gonna send some guys down to the D-League, we'll rotate those guys through the senior team when the times arrives but yeah all the hard is done, it's now time to hand it over to the players and the coaches to start getting wins on the board

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