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Monday, 12 August 2019 21:37

To the fans.

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Portland, Or.

How do they do it? Those few fans that continue to turn up and support this team, 9 thousand of them in preseason. Their commitment and loyalty to this team can never be questioned, however, the mental state might be? When quizzed after the final preseason home game against the Marauders (a 110- 100 loss) here is what was shared.


Why do you continue to come and support this team so passionately?


We love the lumberjacks, this team here is like our babies, we have watched them grow up here in Portland. They have fumbled and stumbled around learning the life of an OBWL player, and now we finally start to see the fruit of the hard labour or viewing in our case.


What are your expectations on the season?


A few more wins. Roger looked good this preseason, he is getting bigger and better. Kendal should improve again and be a constant threat and those other kids, who knows. I don’t think anyone has completely forgiven the GM yet, but this team is headed in a direction that we can all at least agree with, lots of young talented players. Let’s hope a few hang around and get us back to the play offs.


When the same question was asked to the GM (What are your expectations), this was his response.


I would expect us to win 30 games this year. If the Vets hang around, I would hope we can go .500 and why not? We have really tried to build an identity here and in the next season or two, let’s hope it starts to shine through.


I would hope Roger becomes the player we saw when we drafted him. He really is a freak, he has been working hard on the treadmill and it is beginning to pay off.


Kendal and the Russian and going to feed of him and hope to also aspire to become a star in this league like Roger is projecting to. If our supporting cast of Bourke, Sims and Barnett can stay engaged and not want to rush out of town, then they will provide a depth not seen in Portland for years, but I also understand that they may want to compete for a trophy at the end of their careers, so we will play that by ear.

In all, this team may not win many more games than last year, but boy is it going to be a different experience, so Portland, get down and support your lumberjacks.

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