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Friday, 27 September 2019 00:00

Still hope?

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Is there any hope for the Dragoons this year?

There was plenty of hope at the beginning of the year.  The team is young and full of solid players.  It appears that they struck gold with this years first round pick, Lett.  Fort Worth is just 2.5 games out of a playoff spot.

However, the team has gone 4-15 in their last 19 games.  This has led to the lack of hope to get into the playoffs.  After all, their is eleven teams ahead of them in the conference.  If the season ended today, General Manager Hitch would have the fifth overall draft pick.

So, should the team tank and build again in the draft?  Can the team win enough games to get into the playoffs?  Can they win enough games to make the owner happy and get an increase budget?

"We have plenty of good players here.  We just don't have one player that acts as our superstar every night." Coach Kolby Kurzyna said. Many loyal fans thought the new coach could get the team to the conference finals this year.  Could it be the team isn't as good as many believe?  Maybe Kolby hasn't molded the players into his system.

There are so many questions.  There is a half season to find out what the answers are.

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