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Monday, 30 September 2019 17:04 Written by Jason Warnke
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2025 OBWL All Star Preview

Jose Owens may come off the bench for the defending champion London Knights, but he is the starting center again this year for the National Conference All Stars.



This year, the OBWL’s mid-season classic is highlighted by faces both new and old. In the National Conference, ten of the conference’s fourteen teams are represented by at least one all-star. Most notably, the Boston Buzzards. The 33-14 Buzzards roll into the break with the 5th best record in the league, yet no players headed to the all-star game.

Only half of the American Conference teams will boast an All-Star Representative. This could be explained by the fact that only seven of the fourteen A-Con teams are sitting at over .500. However, the 33-9 (2nd in the league) Tampa Bay Tritons do not have a single all-star, and previous powerhouse teams such as the Anaheim Archers and the 2024 OBWL Champion St. Louis Sun Kings have whittled down their squads, traded their superstars, and have both dived into full rebuild mode.



C Jose Owens (Knights)

19.4ppg | 7.0rpg | 2.2bpg | 29.1 PER | 4-Time All-Star

While his minutes may be under his career average, his offense has been prolific this season, as the front runner for 6th-Man on the Year will actually start for the National Conference for his fourth appearance in seven career seasons. Many would have thought the Jose Owens frontcourt mate Jean Larry may have made the squad. However, this would not be the case this season, as several other forwards rounded out the team.

PF Charles Flowers (Huskies)

31.7ppg | 10.6rpg | 4.7bpg | 33.4 PER | 9-Time All-Star

There have been no signed of slowing down for arguably the best player to ever step on professional hardwood. This season is no different, as Charles is nearly tied as the league leading scorer. He will continue to boast an all-star appearance for every season he has been the league. Flowers, a 5-time MVP in the league, is no stranger to the mid-season classic, and feared by everyone he faces.

SF Greg Fore (Demons)

29.1ppg | 6.6rpg | 3.4apg | 27.3 PER | 4-Time All-Star

The Belle of the Ball in Denver remains Greg Fore. He appears to be the only player who KvM will not trade, as the entire cast of production has been turned over since just one season before. However, Fore is still fire – he rolls into the all-star break third in the league in scoring, and will appear in his 4th all-star game in his already highly decorated career.

SG Domenic Baum (Highlanders)

23.5ppg | 5.0rpg | 1.9spg | 24.5 PER | 5-Time All-Star

D-Baum will be an all-star for the fifth time, and with his third different team. Some may argue that his late entry to the National Conference after his trade from St. Louis may be unfair. Others recognize that he belongs in the game, starting at the two-guard for the Nat-Con.

PG Charles Ackerman (Sea Dogs)

15.5ppg | 4.6rpg | 6.7apg | 16.9 PER | 1st All-Star Appearance

The Sea Dogs may be down as of late, but they are not without an All-Star this season. Charles Ackerman joins the Nat-Con cast in his first all-star appearance in only his second season. His growth on and off the court has been a welcomed phenomenon in Seattle, a team that has struggled mightily over the last few season. Ack has a bright future, and his talents will be on display this weekend for the entire world to see.

National Conference Bench

C Gary Williams (Storm)

PF Carl Terwilliger (Thunderbirds)

SF James Nichol (Storm)

SG Andrew Lawler (Marauders)

PG Alain Lagon (Knights)

PF Udo Bach (Inferno)

SF Whitney Cherry (Swing)

The National Conference bench is loaded with more front court fire-power. Williams, Terwilliger, and Nichol could arguably be starting in this game. Relative newcomers to the league, Udo Bach (2nd All-Star Appearance) and Andrew Lawler (1st Appearance) will showcase their talent and veterans Alan Lagon and Whitney Cherry will round out the bench.

Notable Players Missing
Jean Larry (Knights), Darin Deans (Buzzards), Val Crumley (Knights), Sean Anderson (Sharks), Dennis Pichardo (Highlanders)



C John Newton (Americans)

23.4ppg | 8.1rpg | 1.3bpg | | 23.5 PER | 2-Time All-Star

Since switching to the center position, John Newton has increased his production significantly, and is having a career year. At 6’9, Newton maybe one of the shortest starting centers in the league, but his strength and speed at a traditionally quick sand position is creating havoc on opponents.

PF Daniel Herb (Blackjacks)

23.2ppg | 6.6rpg | 3.0bpg | 23.7 PER | 1st All-Star Appearance

The Blackjacks pilfered glue guy Daniel Herb from the Boston Buzzards over the offseason and decided to unleash him upon the league. Herb may be the most improved player in the league this season, increasing his points scored per game from 14.4 to 23.2, mostly due to his ability to keep his propensity to foul in check and remain on the floor providing starters minutes.

SF Andrew Jackson (Stallions)

23.5ppg | 6.6rpg | 0.8spg | 26.2 PER | 2-Time All-Star

Sill only 25 years old, it feels like The President has been in the league forever. The promise of his greatness came to fruition last season, and Jackson enters the break now a two-time all-star. His offense is prolific, the 23.5 points he averages a game is good for fourth in the league at the break. He can score from anywhere on the court, boasting 38% accuracy from beyond the arc, and second only to fellow all-star Andrew Lawler in true shooting percentage among those who play more than 30-minutes a night.

SG Lynwood Emmert (Snipers)

31.8ppg | 7.1rpg | 2.4apg | 25.7 PER | 2-Time All-Star

Emmert can score. He enters the break leading the league in points and is efficient to boot. If it were up to his GM, Chris Noonan, Lynwood would already be appointed the MVP of the universe – and while he may be nervous that multiple other franchises will attempt to sign the incumbent free agent, the Sniper’s Boss will likely through out a super max right out of the gates – and rightly so. Emmert is poised to be a fixture on All-Star weekend to the next decade, and it will be a treat to see him perform this weekend.

PG Lynwood Jamison (Invaders)

16.7ppg | 5.1rpg | 8.6apg | 18.7 PER | 4-Time All-Star

“The Real Lynwood,” as he has so been dubbed by GM Matt Reid, may be more of a one-way player than most would like, but is a triple-double threat on any given night. At the break, he leads the league is assists per game, and has been one of the top playmakers in the entire OBWL for the last several seasons. At age 27, he is now entering his prime, and will join his fourth all-star team of his career. It is very likely that he will see many more in seasons to come.

American Conference Bench

C Richard Hardee (Pioneers)

PF Gregory Santiago (Snipers)

SF Renato Ardoin (Americans)

SG Mark Marble (Pioneers)

PG Xander Remington (Muscle)

SG Cleveland Hall (Invaders)

PF John Lenoir (Stallions)

New and old faces alike will grace the AmCon bench this all-star break. Remington, Santiago, and Lenoir will all see their first action in the mid-season classic, albeit off the bench. They will be joined with veterans Cleveland Hall, Richard Hardee, Rento Ardoin, and Mark Marble to round out the time off the pine.

Notable Players Missing: Mack Lavoie (Pioneers, injured), Charles Cazares (Pioneers), Lenny Davis (Chaos), Colby Allan (Tritons), Hunter Health (Tritons)


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