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Wednesday, 09 October 2019 11:47

Chucks Blog Vol XVII: Directions, anyone?

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Chuck checking in is deliverd to you by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 63 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.



Fact check:


At the beginning of this season the Denver Demons can't fool no one. And almost beat no one.

It's painfully evident after just a handful of games that the Demons start the new season as a bottom feeder, bound for a top five pick. Even superstar Greg Fore can't carry a team without direction and noticeable players.

We all know why. Demons owner James Anderson (57) had cut the franchises budget yet another time and had forced GM Klaus von Meyerinck to trade apart the team that made it to the OBWL finals in 2024 and suffered a first round sweep in the 2025 playoffs. Out went star SG Dennis Goodrum and star PF Charles Cazares alongside long term PG Larry Burt.

In December 2025 however the Demons traded away like two thirds of their newly aquired roster and brought in two aging former stars and one aging former superstar in comebacker PG Larry Burt, long time Tampa PG Ervin Glaser and longtime SunKing and OBWL champ Dong Richardson.

When the trio finally went to work, the Demons stood at 6-20.

As of today the teams record stands at 25-27. So everything looks bright now. Or does it?



Chuck's column


We are living in times of revolution. Silicon Valleys around the globe truly rule the world and our everyday lifes and the entire world are going crazy. We struggle with how to preserve some decency and common sense in a time of the biggest revolution since the invention of bookprinting. And yet at the same time mankind embraces everything that has written progress on it, spearheaded by the digital revolution, without knowing how we will use it and where it will lead us to.

It's a cry for direction.

Welcome - again - to your Denver Demons.

Seldom in the history of OBWL has there been a franchise looking so clueless and without any direction than our beloved Demons.

Here's why:

We have witnessed a power struggle behind closed doors. With the wrong guy winning it.

That guy, you may have guessed it, is your and our GM who is outright crazy and almost as trigger happy as addicted to Spaghetti ai frutti di mare, tuna melt sandwiches, triple decker burgers and of course fish in it's most annying form as a Mac (and the list could go on with his female companions lining up in his office where his taste does not seem to have any direction either as they come in almost all colors and forms  as long as they are either hugely packed bodybuilders or hugely sized BBWs).

Well, a few months ago that guy looked like he was finished.

His owner forced him to cut down salarys in eight digit numbers and rebuild. "From ground", that owner said.

James Anderson, you fool.

You should have known better.

It was almost painful to see how halfhearted KvM executed the new direction. He traded away valuable star power as if he wanted to destroy the Demons and took whatever and whomever he could get.

He did not aquire draft picks.

He did not aquire much of young talent.

Hell, we know from league sources he didn't even negotiate and accepted whatever offer came along first.


Oh please.

It's an open secret that the GM and the owner had a lot of heated shouting contests over how that so called rebuild went. Anderson had made perfectly clear early on, what he wanted.

He wanted picks, he wanted a team where Greg Fore was supposed to be the only player above 25. He wanted a young next generation super star player.

KvM promised him all that and delivered nothing. A mid first round pick and a bunch of no names.

Anderson had lost the fight by then.

But at the end of December KvM went on to humiliate him.

The GM called off even that pittyful excuse for a so called rebuild and traded away what he could, including even the Demons own pick.

What he got was a 31 year old PF in Dong Richardson who once may have been one of OBWL's top 3 players but today is a former superstar in decline. Even though one has to admit that his numbers went up again ever since he came to Denver. He still looks like a very good player, but like one maybe worth up to 15 million $ per year - while making 20 this and 21 next year.

He got Ervin Glaser who has been one of OBWL's most prolific point guards, who at the age of 32 has left some game too, but certainly not to the extent of his hefty 14 million contract, which to make matters worse includes a player option over 15 million for next year which most certainly Glaser will use with a big grin.

And he got Larry Burt who never made big money, who still plays for a cheap 2 million dollar contract, who has been overlooked most of his career while wholeheartedly soldering PG dutys for the Demons. But Burt even at age 31 shows significant signs of slowing down and will be a Demons bench player for three more years.

That's, behind superstar Greg Fore of course, the nucleus of a team that two years ago had Cazares and Goodrum.

A nucleus of 30 plus year old veterans on the decline.

No picks for the next draft whatsoever to make up for that early bird combo.

No young talent other than SG Jamel Tomlin, who so far leaves a lot to be desired and may well never make it in the O.

No young talent other than SF/SG Carroll Lerch who is fast and absolutely nothing else so far.

No Center at all whatsoever.

No cap space.

No direction.

No clue.

James Anderson privately is going berserk about all this. He feels betrayed by the GM, betrayed of a rebuild that never really began, now presiding over an aging team that has no future and isn't strong enough in the present to justify all those moves for worn out players.

But Anderson can't fire KvM. "I simply can't" he said in a closed circle a few days ago. Everyone knows what that means: KvM has something on him.

But Anderson has lost the power struggle not oly because of a dark secret that the GM must know about or some documents in his safe that could bring Anderson down as many observers whisper.

He has lost the locker room too.

KvM has won it.

As unbelievable as that sounds.

The GM hasn't shown up there for weeks, he however once a week invites Greg Fore, Dong Richardson and Ervin Glaser to Denver's best steak place and he is on a very very suspicious but yet perfect best behavior when going out with his players. Well, other than his eating habbits that still need the steak house to close for the next day in order to clean up the place.

"No one is buying that this is a new KvM", Greg Fore admitted when asked about it. "But we are enjoying a time of peace as long as it lasts."

But that's not why KvM has beaten Anderson.

"I hate losing", Fore says, "our team was a mess when the season started, just a mess. Now with Dong and Ervin and my old pal Larry of course we have direction on the floor, we are 19-7 ever since they joined us. I'd love to make the playoffs again this year. Our schedule is toughening up a lot now, but it's just about that next W. That's all that matters."

There's your word again. Direction.

For now the Demons may have it.

But what after this and especially after next year? When Richardson and Glaser will become free agents or retire. When Fore hits 30. And when there's nothing behind them that will give you any hope due to the lack of cap space and draft picks.

James Anderson had a long term strategy to prevent all that.

KvM has not. Never had.

But for now he's the one who delivered a fat (and yes, pun intended) W.




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