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Monday, 04 November 2019 11:38 Written by Jian Lan
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2025 AmCon Playoff Preview

The Kansas City Pioneers flexed their strength in the regular season, but now the real season begins in the American Conference.

#1 Kansas City Pioneers (65-15) vs #8 Los Angeles Chaos (34-44)

by Jason Rouse


11/15/25 at Chaos 94-76 KC wins
11/25/25 at Pioneers 117-87 KC wins
01/25/26 at Chaos 105-83 LA wins
02/16/26 at Pioneers 96-93 KC wins


Pioneers:  C Joe Turner, PF Charles Cazares, SF Blake Cobb
Chaos:  C Lenny Davis, PF Charles Ottinger, SF Jonathan Goforth


Pioneers:  PG Mack Lavoie, SG Mark Marble
Chaos:  PG David Bouchard, SG Johnathan Schmitt


Pioneers:  C Richard Hardee, SG David Kitchens, SF Marshall Gaudett
Chaos:  PF Geoffrey Askew, SF Carlos Beery, PG Bertram Hayes


Kansas City's coming off a great season recording the best record in the OBWL at 65-15, which is just ahead of the Tritons by 2 games. They feasted on division foes going an amazing 22-2 and also easily had the best conference record by 6 games at 44-8. They've only lost 4 games all season at home so it's not going to be easy to knock them out of the playoffs at all whatsoever. They came out of the gates absolutely on fire posting a 29-3 record and have really only had one cold streak and it came recently losing 4- straight. You can say it was a cakewalk for them in the regular season and now it's time for the show.


Los Angelos started off the year very slow and it continued through the most part of the season into early March. After a loss at home versus the Buzzards the Chaos stood at 21-34, a low mark for the season. The playoff hopes looked bleak but a late-season rally began as they finished the season on a 15-10 run and 36 total wins. Big time issues on the road as they only picked up 11 road wins the entire season. The good news is that play in the American conference where they have a record of 27-25 compared to a 9-19 record versus the National.


A season ago C Richard Hardee was out for the playoffs due to injury but the Pioneers are healthy and ready to go on a title run. They pretty much do everything right on and off the court as one of the most glamorous OBWL franchises. They are solid on both ends of the court and really can't find one weakness on their team. PF Charles Cezares who came over in a trade with Denver has fit right in and will be looking to shut down anyone he comes in contact with. He ranks 12th in the league with 4 blocks per game and 8th in the league with 2 steals per game.

The Chaos go 13-deep not only try to wear out opponents but also to create matchup problems. Just 36 wins on the season which usually doesn't get you into the playoffs but a down year for the American conference. They really don't do anything great and let's face it, they'll need a minor miracle to win the series but expect them to not lay down either. Lenny Davis and Charles Ottinger have been a solid duo down low and they need to carry this team just to be somewhat competitive.


The Pioneers are fundamentally sound in just about every area you look at up-and-down the stat sheet. They won't beat themselves and the Chaos will need to find ways to improve thier chances like hitting the 3-point shot. Perimeter D isn't a focus like inside D in KC, so the Chaos have hit 35% from behind the arc which is good enough for 12th in the league. These Pioneers on the other hand have given up 35% which ranks 15th in the league. Mark Marble and Mack Lavoie will look to dominate the overmatched Chaos backcourt, the veteran duo combined to average over 40 points per game and have a ton of experience in the playoffs in the past. Goforth and Schmitt will definitely have their hands full against them but somehow someway need to slow them down although it will be nearly impossible.


This is pretty much a no-brainer as the Pioneers are just better in just about every category and are the definition of team ball. The Chaos are just simply overmatched, but that doesn't mean they won't give full effort throughout this series. Plus, they were very competitive with the Pioneers in their season series where they just won one game but never lost by more than 20. I believe KC rolls all the way to the Finals at the very least and take this series 4-1.



#2 Tampa Bay Tritons (63-17) vs. #7 Detroit Muscle (37-43)

by Jian Lan

Tampa Bay once again clinched the 2nd seed in the American Conference by winning the East division. The Tritons after a perceived rough patch in the season revamped their lineup. Joining the starters was power forward Blair Tolman, who solidified a post presence that was limited. But the biggest moves were shifting Joe Aviles down to shooting guard and Colby Allan to point. Defensive ace Hunter Heath became the de facto starter at small forward and Alfonso Beggs took over at center. In a way, the Tritons went back to the past. Traditionally, Tampa Bay was always a team that featured size and length. With the adjustments that is once again the case.

Detroit is making their 3rd consecutive playoff appearance. The past two have ended in first round exits. The Muscle are led by their young backcourt of Xander Remington and Mark Olivas. Up front is youngster John Weatherford at center with veterans Brian Westerman and Blaine Fitzwater. The Muscle are experts at defending the three pointer and grinding out wins with one of the slowest pace in the league.


Tampa Bay: Alfonso Beggs (Center), Blair Tolman (Power Forward), Hunter Heath (Small Forward)
Detroit: John Weatherford (Center), Brian Westerman (Power Forward), Blaine Fitzwater (Small Forward)

The Tritons feature one of the biggest frontcourt in the league. Beggs (6'10"), Tolman (6'9") and Heath (6'11") are a tough matchup for any team. Beggs brings the defensive toughness while Tolman is the post scorer that has been sorely missing on past squads. Heath is possibly the best glue guy in league history and remains the heart and soul of the team.

Rising star Weatherford leads Detroit's frontcourt. The talented center is a superb two way player that has blossomed into a full time starter after being drafted 7th overall three seasons ago. Westerman joins Weatherford in the lineup at power forward. Westerman is an old school player, nothing flashy just rebounds and defends but with great play making ability out of the post. Fitzwater is an undersized converted guard that plays above his height.

The wildcard is the Muscle's Van Lefevre. With Westerman out for 2 games to start the series, having Lefevre starting might work to Detroit's advantage. Lefevre is more offensive-minded and will force Tolman to play defense, something that Tolman is not very good at. Beggs will not be able to contain both Weatherford and Lefevre.




Tampa Bay: Joe Aviles (Shooting Guard), Colby Allan (Point Guard)
Detroit: Mark Olivas (Shooting Guard), Xander Remington (Point Guard)

Joe Aviles and Colby Allan form the biggest guard tandem in the league. Since moving to shooting guard Aviles has dominated and abused opponents. His 6'10" frame makes him unguardable as he can simple either shoot over his man or back him down in the post. On the other end of the floor Aviles' length makes him one of the best overall defenders in the game, regardless of position. While Allan and Hunter get all the recognition, Aviles is the real reason the Tritons are a 63 win team. After playing shooting guard for the first half of the season Allan is back at point, a position that got him an All Star appearance last year.

Remington and Olivas are young and fast and they defend the perimeter with authority. Remington is a premier playmaker that can do it all. He prefers to set up his teammates and let his points come in the flow of the game. Olivas is a shutdown perimeter defender that has been looking for his shooting touch all season. His shooting percentage is lacking but so is his opponent's.

Aviles swings this matchup in Tampa Bay's favor. Allan is expected to be held in check by Remington but Aviles will have his way despite being guarded by Olivas. The wildcard is Andy Teeters. The legend is still in the league and there's a good chance he'll get revenge on his former team.



PREDICTION: Muscle in 7




#3 Sacramento Snipers (47-33) vs #6 Philadelphia Americans (42-38)

by Jason Rouse


11/05/25 at Americans 95-86 PHI wins
11/09/25 at Americans 95-84 SAC wins
12/15/25 at Snipers 116-110 SAC wins
01/30/26 at Snipers 120-100 SAC wins


Snipers:  C Justin Malone, PF Gregory Santiago, SF Octavio Morrison
Americans:  C John Newton, PF Renato Ardoin, SF Frank Williams


Snipers:  PG Troy House, SG Dieudonne Carpentier
Americans:  PG Dudley Shill, SG Stan McClelland


Snipers:  SF Michael Sickler, C Gregory Brown
Americans:  SG Jerry Carmichael, PF Logan Goloboy


Sacramento finished the season with 47 wins and were rewarded the #3 seed due to a 3-way tiebreaker with the Invaders and Stallions. Through February they compiled a record of 29-24, then went on a late-season rally finishing on a 17-9 run. A big reason why is that they finished with a .500 record on the road and are only 1 of 4 teams that finished the season with a .500 or better road record. Thier hottest stretch came right around the new year where they won 14 of 17 games to jumpstart their playoff run.


Philadelphia's limping into the playoffs losing 4 straight and finished the year on a downslide. They struggled in the division with a 10-14 record but were very strong versus the American West going 18-10 which propelled them into the playoffs. For the majority of the season they played solid basketball compiling a 32-21 record through March 1st, but went cold down the stretch finishing 10-17 causing them to lose home-court advantage in the first-round.


The major storyline coming into this series has shot shockwaves through the OBWL world, that superstar SG Lynwood Emmert will be out 5 or 6 weeks with a broken arm. It's going to be impossible to replace his production at nearly 31 points per game, others will definitely need to step up if they're going to advance to the next round. Emmert's a top 5 player and many pundits believe he'll eventually reign king over the league in the near future. It's not the end of the world as the Snipers are still a very talented team without him on the court. 2nd team all-league PF Gregory Santiago is now the lead dog and this will be his chance to step out of the shadow of Emmert.

The Americans are the league's #1 scoring team with just under 107 points per game. Big John Newton led the way having a career year averaging almost 23 points per game and made first team all-league. This team might be allergic to playing defense giving up just over 107 points per game which ranks 25th in the league. They are great in one defensive area and that's stealing the rock ranking first in the league at just over 10 steals per game. A veteran squad with plenty of playoff experience should help this team in critical situations. GM Steve Gibson's return to the OWBL has been a success but Philly fans want more than the previous regime gave them.


With or without Emmert the series is going to be a shootout which now favors the Americans since the injury to the young 24-year-old. PF Renato Ardoin's having yet another great season hitting a career high 48% from the field and was named to the 3rd team all-league just recently. Newton & Ardoin will be hound dogged by Justin Malone & Santiago, who both will be harassing every single shot taken with their superb blocking abilities. The Snipers will need to keep the Americans off the offensive glass who lead the league in that department. You add that with low turnovers (2nd), 2nd best team in assists and hitting plenty of 3's you have the #1 scoring team. On the other side you got Sacramento's 2nd in rebound margin but do struggle a bit keeping teams off the offensive boards. They rank 19th in offensive boards per game given up so that will be a key statistic in this series. The Snipers should be able to score pretty much at will on this defense and factor in the Americans are fouling machines.


This is difficult as nobody will know what starting 5 will be out there for Sacramento until the tipoff. I don't think it's the end of the world for them and believe they can still win this series. Not having to face the #2 scorer in the league is more than a break for a team that doesn't play much D. I'm going with the veteran squad and taking the Americans 4-2!



#4 Indiana Invaders (37-43) vs. #5 Kentucky Stallions (47-33)

by Jian Lan

One season remove from an epic run to the Finals, Kentucky is back in the playoffs as a 5th seed. All-world baller Andrew Jackson will try to lead the Stallions back to the Finals. El Presidente is once again surrounded by a cast of little known players. Cecil Means and Paul Medeiros are the starting guards while Arthur Fiscus and John Lenoir are the big men in the paint. The game plan is simple for Kentucky, let Jackson take over.

After missing the postseason Indiana is back again, making the playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons. The Invaders rely on their star studded backcourt of Cleveland Hall and Lynwood Jamison to overpower teams. While Ted Portis and 6th man Louis Lysne form a brick wall in the paint. Rounding out the starting lineup are Thomas Wihoit and Garrett Bennett. It's the Hall and Jamison show in Indiana.


Kentucky: Arthur Fiscus (Center), John Lenoir (Power Forward), Andrew Jackson (Small Forward)
Indiana: Ted Portis (Center), Thomas Wihoit (Power Forward), Garrett Bennett (Small Forward)

Kentucky's frontcourt boils down to Jackson. He does it all for the team. This season he is averaging 23.8 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.9 assists and shooting 51.5%. The rare combination of size, offensive abilities and athleticism has turned Jackson into a cheat code in the game. Joining him is Fiscus, a defensive specialist guarding the interior and Lenoir, a do it all power forward that is the glue that holds the unit together.

For Indiana the frontcourt consists of names that very few would recognize. Ted Portis, Thomas Wihoit and Garrett Bennett are the starters. Portis is a giant defensive wall that intimidates many opponents with his blocking and size. Bennett, the former #2 overall pick, is on his 2nd team in as many years. There are even quiet whispers of bust attached to his name. Wihoit is the power forward that adds balance to the one-dimensional Portis.

The wildcard in this matchup is Invaders' Louise Lysne. Can the future Hall of Famer put together a couple of vintage performances for Indiana? He's played a big role off the bench this season. The team will need more in order to move onto the next round.

ADVANTAGE: Stallions


Kentucky: Paul Medeiros (Shooting Guard), Cecil Means (Point Guard)
Indiana: Cleveland Hall (Shooting Guard), Lynwood Jamison (Point Guard)

Cecil Means was one of the heroes from last year's run. He's back manning the point after receiving a big contract in the offseason. Running next to Means is sharp shooting Paul Medeiros. Also in the rotation are Henry Moreland and Tony Bowe. Kentucky's backcourt is an effective group that combines scoring, shooting and superb defense. They are a mix and match bunch that the Stallions utilize depending on opponents.

Indiana features a world class backcourt that combines experience and youth in Cleveland Hall and Lynwood Jamison. Hall should be in the twilight of his career but don't tell him that. The 35yr old remains a scoring powerhouse that strikes fear in oppositions. For the season Hall is averaging 23 points on 45% shooting (41% on 3-point attempts). Jamison is the lightening quick guard that has taken the torch from Hall as the leader for the team. A nightly double-double threat, Jamison is just as comfortable scoring (17 points) or dishing to his teammates (7.8 assists). There is very little depth so the two starters will be lean on heavily.



PREDICTION: Stallions in 6



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