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Monday, 25 November 2019 15:26 Written by Greg Abcarian
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2025 AmCon Finals Preview

Can PG Colby Allan take the Tampa Bay Tritons to the top of the mountain in the 2025 American Conference Finals?


#1 Kansas City Pioneers (65-15) vs. #2 Tampa Bay Tritons (63-17)

by Greg Abcarian

The conference finals in the American Conference are very evenly matched. This matchup involves the Tampa Bay Tritons (63-17) vs the Kansas City Pioneers. Both teams have pretty much done what was expected of them throughout the season and dominated both their divisions to meet in the conference finals. Pioneers GM Ben Johnson has been the team to get through over the years and Tritons GM Tom Lacher has put this team together to beat him. We will look at the individual matchups and predict who will win the series.

Center: Myron Olander (Tritons) vs Joe Turner (Pioneers)

With Beggs out of the lineup due to a concussion, Myron Olander has stepped in at starting center. While that is a little bit of a down grade, Myron can hold his own in a limited role out there. He will rebound and block shots for you while staying out of foul trouble. On the other side Joe Turner is almost a carbon copy of Myron, except he plays defense a bit better and can also play a tad better defense. With that and his ability like Myron to keep fouls low, gives Pioneers the advantage.

Winner: Pioneers

Power Forward: Blair Tolman (Tritons) vs Charles Cazares (Pioneers)

This offseason Ben decided to take a big leap and trade for Charles Cazares to help propel him to a championship. While his shooting percentage went down a little, the rest of his abilities stayed the same or improved. He has brought a calming defensive presence downlow while at the same time able to help offensively. His ability to stay on the court without foul trouble is a big reason for the continued success of the Pioneers. Blair Tolman was on the AmCon champion Stallions last year and has done well for the Tritons. While his numbers for the year are decent and he is excelling at scoring in the playoffs, he will be no match in the series for Cazares.

Winner: Pioneers

Small Forward: Hunter Heath (Tritons) vs Blake Cobb (Pioneers)

A couple seasons ago Tom traded Hunter away and his team fell apart. He then moved quickly to re-sign him, and it was like he never left. Hunter brings a calming presence to the team. He controls them offensively with his passing and scoring and defensively he is a shut down defender. Hunter has showed he is worth every penny he earns. Blake Cobb on the other hand is like Joe Turner. He doesn't do anything great, but he does enough out there that he keeps a steady job. Like the power forward position there is no question who wins this one.

Winner: Tritons

Shooting Guard: Joe Aviles (Tritons) vs David Kitchens (Pioneers)

Joe Aviles used to be one of the fastest PF around the league and then Tom got creative and made him his SG. How has he done? Well he scores and plays defense pretty well. His TS% is the highest it has ever been and defensively while a bit slow for a SG, he still does an effective job. David Kitchens was not the starter for the Pioneers in the season, but since the playoffs have started, he has started 8 of 9 games. In the playoffs, he has gone off, scoring 20 points a game, but he is not very effective on defense. His numbers get helped by the team around him. This one is a tough call, but I think Aviles height will help negate Kitchens scoring

Winner: Tritons

Point Guard: Colby Allan (Tritons) vs Mack Lavoie (Pioneers)

A great matchup here. Like Ben did with Cazares, Tom did the same with Colby Allan and it has worked. Since coming over to the Tritons Colby has done everything he has needed to do. He has scored and distributed the ball the way Tom had envisioned. His defense still leaves something to be desired, but he definitely makes up for that offensively. Mack Lavoie is a carbon copy of Allan except he plays much better defense which also leads to a few more fouls. Other than that, their stats are very similar down the board. While this is a great matchup, Mack edges out the advantage.

Winner: Pioneers

Bench: Hobert Frisby, Darin Tsai, Aubrey Delgado, Gary Brainard, Kenny Just (Tritons) vs Richard Hardee, Marshall Gaudett, Mark Marble, Preston Braun (Pioneers)

The Tritons have a bunch of aging role players coming off the bench doing a good job giving the starters a break when they needed one, but unfortunately that is all they are, role players. Meanwhile on the other side, the Pioneers use less of the bench, but 2 of the guys they use Hardee and Marble could and should be starting for most teams. With those 2 guys, it really doesn't matter who the rest of the Pioneers bench is as they are far superior here.

Winners: Pioneers

Prediction: Pioneers 4-2.




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