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Tuesday, 24 December 2019 23:29

Dragoons get Christmas Gift

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The Dragoons General Manager Kevin Hitch got an early Christmas gift this week.

Fort Worth went into the lottery with the sixth worst record.  They came out with the third overall pick in this years upcoming draft.

Hitch has built through the draft.  Last year was supposed to be the year that Fort Worth made it back to the playoffs, but the team did not get there. The last few draft picks are as follows:

2022 pick  6 SF Baranowksi

2023 pick  9 PG Cottingham

2024 pick  8 PF Budd

2025 pick 15 SF Lett

Motley will start be the fourth starter playing shooting guard with Lett coming off the bench.  It is expected that Hitch will take the best player available.  It would be nice if one of those can play center or power forward.  Can Hitch get an impact player in free agency and add the right player in the draft to finally turn the team around?

Hitch was hoping to get a second Christmas present.  There had been rumors that the team could be moving elsewhere in Texas.  There are many cities who are asking for teams, but the residents don't always want to pay the stadium costs to get a team.  The anticipated move did not go through. 

How will the Dragoons fans react?  Will they believe that the organization is looking to move the team?  Is there any truth to it?


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