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London Ends Season, Eyes Flowers

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It has been some time since London found itself out of the playoffs in the first round.  In fact, that was way back in 2018 during Year 2 of the Crumley and Larry era.  It was the first time that the Knights made the playoffs under General Manager Lian’s watch.  That year London lost 4-1 to Boston and the Buzzards went on to the Conference Finals.  This year the Knights got swept by Vancouver, who are now also in the Conference Finals.  Its now up to Lian to regroup the club.  This offseason will be big for the franchise.  Val Crumley and Jose Owens are both free agents and its likely that the team will not bring both back with max contracts.  Both have played integral roles in the Knights championship runs but it comes down to dollars and the future. 




“Val and Jose are two of my all time favorite players.  Both are going in the history book for this franchise, no doubt about it.  We absolutely would love to bring them both back.  But it’ll be tough given how depleted our roster is going to be.  We need to reload and rebuild.” said Lian




London has only 4 players under contract for next year: Jean Larry, Gerald Stubblefield, Fedrick Gerard and Tyson Zavala.  If the team does not bring back both players there are already rumors that Lian plans to go hard after Toronto’s Charles Flowers. 




“There’s no secret that we covet Charles Flowers.  I think every team in the league covets him.  Why would you not?  We’ve made attempts to trade for him in the past and we had been refused each time by that Canadian team.  We are looking forward to free agency when we can sit down and talk with Charles directly.  I think we have a lot to offer and he might like to play in the great city of London.  We have great fish and chips.” said Lian




Aside from Flowers the Knights are also making plans to have conversations with several players as the team look to upgrade/fill the perimeter positions.  This season it was a rotating door of players from the D League next to Crumley, though the team held up well with Crumley playing either positions on any given night.  While some may say it was the injuries to Larry and Fredrick Gerard as the reasons for London’s early playoff exit, that is not true.  It was the failure to find an adequate replacement for Alain Lagon.




“Vancouver is one of the toughest teams to play a 7 game series against.  Well run, well coached team.  And they play defense like no one else.  Against a team like that we needed extra scoring options.  We just did not have it.  They took it to us and punched us in the mouth and we didn’t answer.  We’ll do better next time.” said Lian


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We have great fish and chips.

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