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2027 Rookie Draft Review

 Point guard Roman Roberson, the Southeast Conference Freshman of the Year last season for Mississippi State, will be rocking a San Diego Storm jersey this season. 

Every year fans, coaches, general managers and owners look forward to the Rookie draft. It is a chance for them to dream of getting that one superstar to put their team over the top for years. For other successful franchises, it is about adding skilled players to be part of their bench or part of long-term development project. This 2027 draft is no different.

The Blaze have had top draft picks for years. They have had success with most of their top picks. This year Prince Amour and the San Diego Storm won the lottery and got the first pick leaving Greg Abcarian with the second. Before Amour could get the name of the pick out of his mouth, an alert came for a trade. Many wondered if Chicago had worked a deal to move up. Instead it was the Inferno who offered three first rounders to Detroit to move up to number six. They gave away an eleven, twentieth and twenty fourth.

San Diego took Roman Roberson. The 19-year old point guard was expected to be selected in the top three. The Storm already had Kersey at the point, but could not pass up on the talent.

Fans in Chicago must have fallen off their seats when the pick was announced. Although Greg would not comment, he appeared to have a large smile on his face. He jumped on the opportunity to grab Danny Largent. The Small Forward is filled with lots of potential. Many had him number one. This 19-year old could be provide the second of a one-two punch with Dambrosio along his side.

Anaheim was next on the clock. Experts had them taking Shell or Williams. GM Stelle has been building his own nucleus of young players. Would either of these guys fit into the plans? In a shocking move, a trade alert came across. Managers waited in anticipation.

KVM made a move to get players he thought could make an impact. He moved Greg Fore and Rubin Davis in exchange for the Archers third overall pick and George Audley. Was the trade about the pick, the players involved, moving salary or rebuilding? The Demons took Hobert Shell. The 18-year old point guard should be able to score and be a leader on the court. Neither of the managers could be reached for comment, but both seemed thrilled at the deal.

In what is rarely seen, the Demons now had a second top five pick. They waste no time and announcing Michael McLellan as their selection. He is the third 19-year old in a row taken and was projected as a lottery round pick.

Fort Worth was waiting in the wings to see what would happen next. Kevin Hitch hasn't had a competitive team in years. He had slid from third to fifth in the lottery. Many experts believe Hitch has good young talent but may lack the ability to find someone to coach them. His staff has lacked the ability to sign a big-name player. The Dragoons selected 19-year old Roy Williams to keep with the trend. At 6'8, he may lack the size to play Power Forward. The hope is that he can grow a few inches.

The Inferno took Roberto Sanz, a shooting guard, from San Diego State. The trade allowed him to get a lottery player. Sascha may allow this kid to develop behind Aaron Baum or go another way.

Quebec was able to pick Jacob Cartagena at seven. Some thought he could be a top three pick. He played two years at Kentucky and averaged almost 20 points per game. Joshua Biddle may have received a steal. Where does he fit in after getting Vega last year, another small forward? Vega was named to the All-Rookie first team.

The Blackjacks took 7'0 Roosevelt Woodworth. At 21, he is one of the older players taken so far. He has three years of college experience at Mississippi. GM Michael Olson might be able to get him minutes off the bench his first year.

As if there weren't already a lot of trade, another one would be announced. The Archers would drop from nine to eleven and pick up the twenty fourth pick from the Muscle. These were two of the picks obtained in the Inferno deal.

Detroit took Edmund Harley. They would still have the twentieth pick. They got a quality player while only moving down three spots from the original six spot. Scouts appeared to be all over the board on Harley. However, he may be able to add rebounding and defense to Mark Sands team. This kid was rated number nine coming out of high school in 2025 as an All American.

The SeaDogs would select Earnest Pizzaro from Charlotte at ten. Jay Amado get another youngster with potential. With only four players on the roster, it appears any player should be a help for Seattle.

Eric Stelle would pick up Mark Dixon at eleven. Rumors are that he had inquiries about this pick also. The Archers get a young center, but they had already won the day by obtaining Fore.

The following finished the first round:

12. Swing

Willam McCammon

13. Demons

Derek Prince

14. SunKings

Elmer Black

15. Coyotes

Michael Messer

16. Chaos

Grant Middleton

17. Evolution

Jake Stacy

18. Stallions

Lewis Cady

19. Highlanders

Lorenzo Perry

20. Muscle

Cleveland Schneider

21. Huskies

Chris Sanchez

22. SunKings

Wilbert Slayton

23. TBirds

Aubrey Yoshida

24. Archers

Burton Butler

25. Knights

Orville Callan

26. Americans

Rupert Dismuke

27. Pioneers

Trevor Roberts

28. Marauders

Raphael Stokes




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