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London Midseason Report

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The London Knights sit atop the National East division with the Boston Buzzards, both with identical 33-12 records. The Knights have been getting it done behind a solid defense. On defense the team is once again anchored by Jean Larry (10 points, 10 rebounds and 5.5 blocks), though he is hardly alone. Jose Owens and Gerald Stubblefield have been perfect compliments to the reigning DMVP.  Offensively the team has relied on the board shoulders of Owens.  He leads the Knights with 24 points per game.  Four others are averaging 10 points as London takes a committee approach when a breather is needed.  At the midway point of the season Owens is averaging 24 points, 9 rebounds and 2.8 blocks and without a doubt the team’s MVP thus far. 


There have been many surprises for London after playing half a season.  The team has tried various lineups and the one player that has stood out is point guard Evaristo Gonzalez.  The young Spaniard signed with the team on a minimum contract and has played so well the club rewarded him with a 4-year extension.  Drafted in the 2nd round three seasons ago, Gonzalez is now poised to become the Knights point guard for the future.  He has been paired with Val Crumley, who has shifted to shooting guard, in order to help him acclimate with the team and the system.


“Gonzo is not going to be Val.  But he will work his tail off and bring it every game.  Above all else he prides himself on getting his teammates involved and playing defense.” said Gonzalez.


Other pleasant surprises have been Henry Warnock.  Warnock has been the team’s starting power forward for most of the season.  Still a young and developing player, he is averaging 10 points in 19 minutes as he continues to work on his game and conditioning.  Warnock was also given a 4-year extension.  Perhaps the biggest surprise is Tyson Zavala, the team’s former first round pick (#27).  Zavala was on the cusp of getting cut but since then is averaging 9 points in 25 minutes and shooting a very efficient 49% (39% on 3 pointers).  He gives the Knights a big perimeter defender that the team has been seeking.


Heading into the second half of the season, London will look to solidify their rotation and gear up for the postseason. 

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