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Americans Build Trophy Cabinet

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Americans Win Division Title

The Philadelphia Americans has finally won their first piece of silverware in the history of their franchise prompting the organisation to install a custom made trophy case in the public lobby of their building after winning their first division title, setting a franchise record 48 win season in the process.

To clinch the division title Philly needed the chips to fall their way with 2 games of the regular season left. Division heavy weight Tampa Bay had to lose both games and Philly needed to close out with back to back wins against Anaheim and Kentucky. Fate would have it that Tampa Bay would lose both games whilst John Newton put his franchise on his back to get by the Archers and Stallions.

"It's just the beginning" GM Gibson said. "Until now this club has been used to failing. The club looked destined to continue failing when i took over at the head of the organisation but we weeded out the problems in the club left over from the previous manager and we're now on our path to greatness. We understand it's just the division title but when a club has been poorly led and a shit show for so long you need to celebrate these wins to build a culture of winning. I'm very proud of the whole club right now."

The American's faced adversity throughout the season as injuries took their toll on their small forward's when Ardoin, Barnett and Hagerty all hit the injury list at the same time as the club boasted a division leading 24-10 record. With their core of small forwards on the long term injury list the club managed to remain in touch with the division leaders and then made a charge at the title with a handful of games left.

With the trophy in his hands John Newton said "It's feels great to win a team trophy. A number of us have a big list of individual accolade's to our name's so it feels good to get this one. Honestly i was beginning to think we would never get here. We looked to be going in the wrong direction a few years ago but thank god we got that leadership change and the right players were brought in to set us up for success."

The American's now turn their attention to the playoffs while stacking what will be a packed war chest for free agency.


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