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OBWL's dumpster fire now burning in Denver

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This blog is deliverd by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 64 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.


Two seperate incidents. One common message: The happy days of glory are over. Gone. Ancient history. In Denver it's about building the future. It's about a long, bumpy and dirty road back to glory. Back to glory? Try back to respectability. And even that will be a long shot.

Here's what the Demons are: a mess. A catastrophic team on and off court. A joke. A laughing stock. A team that is coming off a humiliation consisting out of 80 games. A team with a 9-71 record. A team that by far was and still is OBWL's worst team. Actually and maybe even historically. A team that lately did not even attract 10.000 fans. A team that ran completely out of luck in the draft lottery and droped two spots to #3.

And here's the two incidents: One was Denver's very own Greg Fore, traded by maniac GM Klaus von Meyerinck for more than questionable talent to the Anaheim Archers. The pictures of Fore did truly shock Denver. Greg Fore wearing yellow instead of black and blue, Greg Fore presenting the world what he deserved so much for so many years. A ring. A ring with the Archers.

It was a punch right in the gutt of every Demons fan. Knockout. Eight, nine, ten. Game over. Happy dreams.

The other incident was a short message the Demons office received only yesterday.

It read: "I love playing basketball but my body just can't take it anymore. It is time for me to retire."

Andy Teeters, one of OBWL's alltime great, sent that. He did not sent it to the Tampa Bay Tritons front office which would have been fitting, Teeters being a Triton almost all of his life and surely with all of his heart.

But it was the lowly Demons that hired him for a short stint last year when the Demons did suck on court as much as GM KvM sucks when he is tasked to not touch any food within a square mile around him.

It has been a symbolic act as well. Greg Fore winning a championship with Anaheim in his very first year away from the demons shows just how much KvM failed his star. One finals appearance four years ago, that's all KvM has to show for(e). It's not nearly enough to do right by the talent of the decade.

And Teeters message is symbolic too. It shows that Denver is and frankly should no longer be a destination for veterans of any kind. The glory days are over. The kids are reigning now. Well, better say playing some sort of basketball now, since it was almost each and every other OBWL team that reigned over the horrible 9 win Demons last year.

So here is what we are left with: A #3 draft pick when the team was in dire need of a #1.To lift the spirit and to infuse some much needed talent. Speaking of that: last years top rookies Hobert Shell and Michael McLellan did not live up to anything even close you might expect from top picks. It was a rookie season to forget for both of them.

Sophomore Demon Carroll Lerch is stagnant. And frankly, a pain in everyones ass.

He might be as fast as Fore in his best days, maybe even faster, but in every other thinkable regard he is the dog shit under Fore's shoes. Yes, you hear me, Lerch!

And that includes character. Fore always has been a true leader, a team first kind of guy. Lerch is loud mouthed and demanding. More money, more playing time, more national TV appearance, more sponsor deals, more women. But he's not showing us on court that he deserves anything else but getting his ass kicked.

The lone bright spot this year was the guy drafted significantly behind Shell and McLellan at #12: Derek Prince is the only Demon who ended the horrible season on a personal high note and with his dignity intact.

Everyone else on a talent free roster is a mere placeholder. An empty stat line, some random journeyman, a roster fill, some scrub that could warm the bench of any sucking team in the OBWL. Like the Demons or the... well, usually we would say Evolution, but that joke doesn't work anymore. The whole world has gone nuts, even the dumpster fire of OBWL has moved from the east coast to the mountains.

And within a climate of questionable rookies, lacking starters at least at C and SG, a crashed dream of a #1 pick, an owner who closed his wallet and an inept GM still named KvM the Demons will have to try and lure a capable assistant coach and more important a new scout into town. And after that one or ideally two feee agents that can start. Not just for the Demons, my 6 year old grandson could do that. But start on any OBWL team.

Who, you must ask, would wanna do that unless he wasn't standing on say the Brooklyn bridge, ready to jump?!

Andy Teeters did write one more line: "Good luck in the future."

Man, the Demons will need all they can find.


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