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Dragoons entering last season

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The Dragoons are entering their final season in Fort Worth.  The owner, Blake Cain,  has a brand new stadium being built in Toronto.  He negotiated a deal after the city decided his team was not worth keeping.

Will the staff be focused on this years team?  General Manager Hitch is expecting his team to give fans a winning season.  "I expect wins, the owner expect wins and the fans expect us to give our best effort.  I will except no less from everyone involved." Hitch stated.

Hitch has already work with Coach Kolby to bring in some staff.  He hired three coaches, James Bibbs, Keith Highsmith and Daniel Jones.  The team spent just 350,000 on the three.  This will save several million dollars to the organization.  Hitch is hoping to utilize the money to bring in players.

In other news, their are rumors that the Dragoons have developed a new logo.  The court design and uniform designs may also be under way.  The team is moving to Toronto, but the team name has not been announced yet.  Sources say that the logo will have some type of dog in it.  The team has not made any comments to confirm or deny this information.

One thing is for sure, it doesn't matter where the team plays.  If they can't win games, the stadiums will be empty and fans will not spend their money on the team.

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