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Denver's HC Rasmussen AWOL at worst possible time

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This blog is deliverd by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 64 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.


There's a saying in Demons GM Klaus von Meyerinck's native country Germany: "Ich glaub, ich steh im Wald", which by word by word translation would read something like "I believe I am standing in a forest" and figuratively pretty much means "I can't believe this mess is true". Lemuel Forest, oh, sorry, Lemuel Wald, Denver's new first round pick selected with the third pick overall in the 2028 draft, must know that feeling already.

He was drafted by a team he first and foremost and very publicly hoped to avoid at almost all costs. And ever since he has arrived at the Demons' practice facility he got quite some taste of all the crazy stuff going on around the OBWL's greatest laughing stock and worst team by far.

Here's the facts of a new season in the making which seems doomed before the first tipoff in Denver:

1) The Demons ended last year with a shameful record of 9-71. Disgusting. Humiliating. Unforgiveable.

2) Meanwhile the face of the franchise, no, make that THE face of the franchise, Greg Fore, put his first and well deserved ring on a finger. With the Anaheim Archers that is, who until today are thinking about making the day they traded for Fore a national holiday.

3) Fore's planned successor Carroll Lerch wants out of Denver and never has made a secret of how fed up he is with the chaos surrounding him.

4) GM von Meyerinck is gaining weigth and that's all anyone with the Demons has gained in a year. Rumor has it, the GM soon has to be lifted out of his office since he won't fit through any door anymore. Supposedly he is living in his office for months now.

5) The draft saw the Demons take Lemuel Wald despite having two SF on their roster already and despite the player and his agent making it crystal clear that they do not want to be part of the Demons at all costs. With another first round pick PF Larry Hiden came in who is looking like another random pick soon to be history.

6) The free agency turned out to be an utter desaster for the Demons. In dire need of a SG the Demons managed to just come to terms with an unproven nobody named Stephen Beane. In came PG Stephen Dear, who as well is your typical OBWL's nobody. Later the Demons added PF Abel Vick who seems to have potential but isn't really needed. And finally veteran SF Joe Spurlock will be asked to play the 2, but he seems as unfit for that as all the other players on the roster. Bottom line: no on wanted to come to Denver. That's what you get when you go 9-71 and still haven't fired GM Klaus von Meyerinck.

7) Coach Emanuel Rasmussen is AWOL for weeks now. The former top scout which back then had widely been regarded as one of the best scouts ever in the OBWL had a terrible first year as head coach. 9-71 speaks for itself, but to Rasmussen's credit he had nothing to work with. But now the Demons' HC is absent without leave for two weeks. He neither was involved in the draft nor in free agency. Meanwhile some sources in the organisation are openly demanding the coach to be fired. But GM von Meyerinck of all people has refused to do so: "He is sorting out some personal issues and I am having his back. Oh, I am having it in ways he can't imagine." Whatever that is supposed to mean. The only reason Emanuel Rasmussen hasn't been fired yet seems to be his monstrous contract paying him 5 million $ per year.

So there you go with the OBWL's biggest laughing stock.

The new season is underway and it looks like the Demons will again get their asses kicked. Rookies, sophomores and young guys like Lemuel Wald, Hobert Shell, Michael McLellan, Derek Prince and the ever disgruntled Carroll Lerch alongside Erik Langlois won't cut it.

Oh, we almost forgot...

8) Erik Langlois. Sure to be one of OBWL's most overrated, most overhyped, overpaid, foul prone Centers of all time is a Demon now. Tampa Bay's GM Tom Lacher still must be smiles all day thinking he got rid of Langlois and even got a first rounder for him instead of adding one to get rid of a terrible contract.

All that has failure and doom written all about it for next year.

Anyone to save the Demons?

Good joke.

Owner James Anderson is constantly losing all power struggles to crazy GM Klaus von Meyerinck. Which means the natural boss is out of any equasion to make up for KvM's crazy shenanigans.

What's left and what's needed if the owner is a bust and the GM a lunatic is a strong HC. But Emanuel Rasmussen has vanished from the face of the earth. And that is terrible news for the Demons.



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