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Dragoons look to start the season

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The Dragoons General Manager has taken a beating in the public.  Others have beat him up on prior moves, transactions and bids.  The heat has been heavy.  The team would have had the fifth overall pick in this years draft.  However, a prior trade gave up the pick for what ended up being a later first rounder.

The team will be playing their last year in Fort Worth.  Fans would love a championship before the leave.  Those fans are asking for more than a miracle.  It would be a gift for the team to make the playoffs in their final year.  Who can help them?

Hitch failed to resign Remington who was obtained in the Baranowski trade.  This angered the fan base with how Hitch handled the bidding.  Instead of getting the point guard, he may have overbid to get Budd back.  In hindsight, the loss of Remington may have worked out well.  The Dragoons signed Kersey to a lot less money. In addition, the team signed Graves to a one year deal.  It should also be noted that the Dragoons obtained the Muscles first round pick in the deal.   If teams perform as bad as last year, Hitch would have two top five picks upcoming.

The front court may not score much, but the back court should take care of this.  Motley, Ibanez and Kersey are all scorers. Motley and Ibanez are very good defenders.   This squad will be better defensively than less year and shouldn't give gifts on the line.  Hitch found players who can avoid fouling. He also found guys that good alter shots underneath the basket.

Time will tell if Hitch can win enough games this year. If not, can he make moves to put the team in better position for the new stadium next season?

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