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American War Chest Recruits Sniper and Marauder

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Excited Philly fans rejoice in their teams free agency acquisitio of Sacramento's Troy Howse and Hector Briley from Minnesota. The Reigning division champion's promised an injection of talent with their huge war chest and fans were not disappointed. To add to the hype Philly also managed a trade deal with the Boston Buzzards which brings in a future first round draft pick and Richard Burke II in exchange for the rights to Stephen Grizzle. "We saw a situation developing in Sacramento, bringing in a new General Manager so close to free agency we had a feeling that Troy Howse was very gettable and we had no issue with going all in. We reached out to Troy, told him what we think he is worth and how we think he can help our ball club and was totally happy to come join us" said the American's General Manager. "Hector Briley on the other hand was a little more straight forward and stress free. We know Minnesota's budget and we knew that Hector was being forced out of that situation. We love his defensive capabilities and we'll try to get him to score a little more. We had some talks and both parties liked the potential of what the team can do". The feeling in the Philadelphia news cycle is the three signings have made the American's one of the favorite's for the title but Gibson was very quick to pour cold water on the situation claiming that while he expects the team to perform very well the most important thing is dominating the AmEast Division. "It's all about the division. We need to continue to dominate our division, winning our division again is our top priority and then we'll look at our playoff matchup's with the overall goal of a championship". The American's now have the job of working out the best big man combination going forward. John Newton, Charles Ottinger, Hector Briley and RB2 will all be competing for time in the paint while Troy Howse and Alain Lagon have the back court locked up. The squad looks light on for small forwards with a favorite of Gibson, Richard Wallace looking likely to see the bulk of court time at that position.
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