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Ardoin Returns

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The Los Angeles Chaos have had a lot of changes to the franchise this year. The changes were needed after missing the playoffs last season. The news most people can't stop talking about is the Return of All-Star guard/forward and 3-time three point champion, Renato Ardoin. Renato spent the majority of his career in LA and racked up a lot of nice awards. He was considered one of the best players in the league for nearly a decade, but age started to catch up to him. Two seasons ago, he was traded to Philadelphia. He continued to play well, even if it wasn't quite to his usual standard. In 2028, Renato was a free agent. GM Whetzel began serious talks with him, trying to get him to come back to LA.

One of Whetzel's selling points was the fact that the team was under new ownership. Oldrich Zima from the Czech Republic, bought the team during the offseason. According to Whetzel, the new owner has not been as restrictive and does not seem to be as greedy as the past owner was. Whetzel believes it is a better team environment than what has surrounded the players for years. Whetzel told Ardoin that he would still expect him to be a team leader, but he won't have to carry the team on his back like he had to do for so many years. In past years, Ardoin played every position on the court except for center. He played where he was needed and he was needed everywhere. This season, the Chaos have some very good post players as well as a good back court. Whetzel feels the team is pretty deep and with Ardoin putting the red and black jersey back on, he feels the season outlook is pretty good.

"I think we will turn some heads and we might make teams fear us again. We will be able to score from multiple areas and our defense is going to shine", said Whetzel.

21 year old SF/SG Bryant Walsh has been impressing the coaching staff during preseason. Originally it was believed that he would be playing another year in the D-League, but rumor has it he has possibly earned a starting spot or at least the sixth man role. Coach Whetzel told us that he will have Walsh working closely with Ardoin during practices and the two of them will switch off in the SG and SF positions.

The projected starting lineup when regular season hits will most likely be:

C Geoffrey Askew, PF Andrew Culbertson, SF Renato Ardoin, SG Bryant Walsh, PG David Bouchard.

Significant role players will include; Jared Carlton, Jason Marshall, Raphael Brownell and Thomas Branscum.

Here's hoping that Whetzel is right and the Chaos are a team to watch out for. Injuries are always a curse that has plagued them in the past. Hopefully they can stay healthy.

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