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Rasmussen still disappeared - Chaos in Denver once again

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This blog is deliverd by Chuck Tankman, Denver Demons insider. The 64 year old Denver native is writing this column for a single purpose: telling the truth about the Demons and consequently chasing GM Klaus von Meyerinck out of office.



Chemistry is a delicate thing. It can work wonders: Nitro and glycerin. Twelve pounds of seafood spaghetti and two liters of Coke zero as the average lunch for Denver Demons GM Klaus von Meyerinck.

It can be an experiment: Lemuel Wald and Hobert Shell as the faces of the next generation Demons. Or Derek Prince and Eric Langlois instead?

Or it can go terribly wrong: Covid and 19. Trueth and something else with a T. Or Klaus von Meyerinck and Emanuel Rasmussen as GM and headcoach of the Denver Demons. This one at least looks like it has catastrophe written allover it.

To start with the bright side of things, or let's just say with a light at the end of the tunnel:

After a terrible season with just 9 wins the Demons look somewhat better this year.

They are 7-21 now, they still play in front of one third of emtpy seats in their own Great Divide Arena. But that's what you call progress when you come of a 9-71 record and from homegames where on third of the seats wasn't empty but filled with the last true Demons fans who seemingly were willing to endure even the most terrible basketball.

Gone are the glory days, gone is Greg Fore, gone is the guy who was largely viewed as his successor, Carroll Lerch. He now warms the London Kinights bench and even though the Demons did not get much in return there are few voices that actually consider Lerch's departure to be a setback.

Maybe it's because Hobert Shell, the Demons baby pointguard, is coming slowly around. Or because rookie Lemuel Wald who as we know now was selected to achieve the freedom to trade Lerch is playing already more promising on the wing than Lerch ever has. Or sophomore Derek Prince despite some hickups once again is showing great fighting spirit. And even Michael McLellan seems to slowly get some footage in the tough OBWL.

7-21, mind you. We are modest, you know. But we see progress.

If only...

If this truely is a foundation for the Demons team of the future.

If there were someone around to lead those baby players to greener pastures.

We all know who can't.

So that basically leaves the headcoach.

And here is where the trouble starts.

He's not around. Still not.

For weeks Emanuel Rasmussen has not been seen during practice or even during games.

At the sidelines and in the gym in command is AC Nicholas Han.

But what about Rasmussen?

What we know is little: He took the job as HC with the Demons last year, arriving with a reputation of being OBWL's best scout. A kid whisperer. A kind of parent to young players.

Then came a 9-71 season which pretty much made Rasmussen a different person as it seems now.

The coaches reputation went to hell before he had a chance to build anything in the midst of the Demons ensuing chaos. Rasmussen responded by becoming more and more entrenched in the organisation, not speaking to even the many that hate KvM and mean well for the HC.

Then he disappeared during off season.

And hasn't returned yet, after a third of this year.

He isn't fired, he just isn't around. He spoke to no one before he vanished. He's listed as awol and no one in Denver seems to know what is going on.

And if you do ask players and officials, all you get is guesswork and a variety of answers, all of which could be true or false.

Owner James Anderson: "I can tell you that I am not happy with Nicholas Han being in charge. That is not directed at him, he's doing a good job here. But we have made a decision one year ago, hiring Emanuel Rasmussen and making him one of the best paid coaches in the O. We did that for a reason. I expect him to return asap or we just might present a different headcoach soon."

Nicholas Han: "I don't know what is going on. I see myself as an AC, that is what I signed up for and that sure as hell is what I get payed like. Emanuel is a teririfc coach and a nice guy, but at the end of last year he somehow just shut down. He stopped joking around, then he stopped talking about his personal life, hell, he stopped talking at all and then he just went missing without an explanation. He just seemed so troubled during his last weeks around. Like his mind wandered off all the time. I'm afraid he might be in deep trouble."

GM von Meyerinck: "Just serve me that losers organs on a grill platter. I hate him, I hated him from the very first moment when that idiot James Anderson forced him on me. Since day one Rasmussen has been a moody bitch crying about this, wanting that. Did not like this, couldn't do that. Like he wanted air condition in his office. Or a window in his room for daylight. Sissy stuff like that. Or a gym for the players. Gym my ass! I would have fired him long ago, but that moronic owner of ours..."

PG Hobert Shell: "I was thrilled to have him as an HC. He has a certain way to care about us young players. You know, it's not easy coming here with Mr. von Meyerinck and all... I only can hope our headcoach returns soon and sorts out whatever is bothering him. All the young guys here feel the same. You could say we love him."

Whatever is going on, whatever the solution may be: The Demons have to get this mess cleared up now.

Otherwise the number of wins and the number of losses at the end of the season might be just: bad chemistry.


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