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2028 OBWL All Star Skills Contests

Marauders PG Andrew Lawler, shooting 49% from three this season, is one of the favorites entering this year's Three Point Showdown.


by Kevin Hitch

RimRocker Slam Dunk Contest

It is that time of year that all teams take a few days off. Players get a much-needed rest. For other players, they want to be nominated and showcase their skills. They could care less about the rest.

Earlier today, the OBWL announce the line-ups for the rim-rocker competition.

David Kitchens comes from the Evolution. He is a 6'3 shooting guard known for his break-away dunks. The 2024 and 2026 champion comes back to compete in this year's Rim Rocker contest. Bettors have him as a favorite to repeat.

Noel Black is a shooting guard for the Sting. He stands at just 6'5. He has had some amazing dunks during the season. Fans are hoping he can perform to the top level.

Daniel West is representing the Blaze. The 6'8 power forward is not the best leaper in the league but should have a chance at the rim-rocker competition.

Andrew Evans has excelled in the league. He has earned OBWL All Star and All League first team status for two years. On top of this, the Minnesota player is the 2024 OBDL Slam Dunk Contest Champion. He has the confidence that he can win it all.

Joel Spurlock has been waiting to repeat as the dunk contest champ. He bettered the opposition back on 2021. The Demons are struggling this year and fans finally have something or someone to cheer for.

Timothy Adler, from the SunKings, is a 28 year-old small forward. He is known for putting the ball in the hoop via dunks. He has lots of awards already. This includes winning the 2027 Rim Rocker contest. Odds makers have him tied as the favorite.

Each player took turns to open round one. The results were as follows:

West 48.7; Evans 47.2; Black 45.9; Spurlock 44.5; Kitchens 44.1; Adler 43.6. The judges were not allowed courtside to watch and vote. The virtual judging may have led to the lower scores.

The top two qualified for the Finals. This was between West and Evans. It came down to the final dunks. West went soaring with a tomahawk dunk that would have brought a live crowd to their feet. Evan would jump over two of his teammates and finish with a between the legs scoop dunk. The later dunk impressed the judges the most. This gave him a higher score for the two dunks.

Evans comes out the winner by scoring 52% of the fan vote.

Keven Johnson won the OBDL dunk contest

Clorox TM Three Point Showdown

Fans were waiting to see who got nominated for the 2028 OBWL 3-Point Shootout. Would the league invite young and upcoming players or stay with the league's established players?

Michael Spriggs will get a chance to compete from the Swing. He is only a 40% shooter. Some fans are wondering how he got picked over other players.

Andrew Lawler is on the other end of the spectrum. The Marauders point guard is known to be one of the top three-point shooters in the league. He is shooting 49% this season which is third best.

Horacio Vegas is a young star in the league. The Coyotes wing player just signed a $125 million contract. He is shooting 45% from three land this year and will get a chance in the three-point shoot-out.

Timothy O'Connor will get his chance to represent the Archers. He is a career 42% shooter behind the arc, but has strived with Anaheim and leading the league in three point field goal percent this year.

Greg Fore seems to be here each year. He is the second Achers player to participate. What hasn't this guy done? He has been a league MVP and won the competition in 2027. Needless to say, many feel he is the favorite to win. He is fifth in shooting this year.

Larry Kersey gives the Dragoons fans something to cheer for. Scouts around the league say that he is a great three-point shooter, but stats tell he is only hitting 38%. It might be that he needs better teammates to get open attempts.

Each of the players took their turns taking shots. Spriggs couldn't find his mark and scored 9. O'Conner and Fore disappointed with 13 and 14 points. Vega nailed 17, Kersey finished second with 18 and Lawler topped the first round with 19 points.

The top three advanced to the finals. Lawler hit his last five shots to win by one in the close finals competition.

1. Andrew Lawler (Marauders) - 13
2. Horacio Vega (Coyotes) - 12
3. Larry Kersey (Dragoons) – 11

In other news, Don McDaniel won the 2028 OBDL 3P-Shootout.



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