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Tales from Tomorrowland

The #1 overall pick in the 2028 OBWL Rookie Draft, the Sun Kings' Rusty Villatoro has been the runaway favorite for Rookie of the Year.

by Marco Heinrich

The game between the Rookies and the Sophomores is like a trip in a time machine. It takes you some months or even a bit more than one year back in time, telling you stories about dreams and predicted developments. It also gives you a glimpse into the future, teasing you with little bits of information about how these stories are about to continue.

Sometimes, the game itself is the star of this story. Sometimes, it's more about the players that actually weren't even selected. Let's take a look at OBWL's 2029 edition of the Rookies vs. Sophomores Game:

Sophomores Starters

C Bennie Hawthorne (Snipers, undrafted)

It's always special when an undrafted player makes it to the little brother of the big game in the middle of the season. Bennie Hawthorne earned himself a supporting role in Sacramento by playing what he's capable of. He relies on his great physique and a natural ability to defend the paint. And he doesn't steal much of the spotlight from Gregory Santiago on offense. Will Hawthorne be an All Star once? Probably not. But he got selected over the likes of Roosevelt Woodward who got picked by the Sting at #8 back in the days.

PF Edmund Harley (Muscle, #9)

Edmund Harley is the guy to root for in Detroit. Some pundits argue that his PER of 20.5 and his PPS of 1.54 should really give him the starting role over Van Lefevre who is going to test free agency anyways. Especially baring in mind, that Harley actually plays some good D, too. He still has room for improvement in his rebounding, so expect him to be a building block for the Muscle.

SF Danny Largent (Blaze #2)

There are 13 players on Chicago's roster who are 25 or younger. And Danny Largent leads the pack together with Byron Dambrosio. He's a fix starter and arguably the most developed player of the entire 2027 draft class and a potential star in the league. He is a great athlete which enables him to get a run as a 6'9 SG, if management in Chicago feels like giving it a try.

SG William McCammon (Swing, #12)

The Swing is not really known for their defense. Rather for their lack thereof. William McCammon is the anomaly within this system. Or, is he the start of a new trend? The 6'6 SG started every game in Manhattan - but he's following up on his ROTY season with some statistical drops in key categories. Time will tell rather sooner than later, if he is a glue guy or a cornerstone of a franchise.

PG Jonathan Janson (Coyotes, #32)

The second round pick is taking advantage of the big playing time he's getting in Quebec, where he started in every game since being drafted. Janson doesn't let you down in any category. He plays good matchup defense, and has good three point range. Playing in this game might remain the highlight of his career, though. Chances are that fans will speak more about guys like #1 pick Roman Roberson (Storm) once those fellows get unleached.

Sophomores Bench

C Lorenzo Perry (Highlanders, #19)
Defense first kinda guy.

PF Derek Prince (Demons, #13)
Starter for the Demons and all around good player.

SF Richard Wallace (Americans, undrafted)
DEFENSE! Signed a four year min deal in Philly. Would be the talk of the league if three inches taller.

SG Michael McLellan (Demons, #4)
Still a long term development project, but there are definite signs of improvement already.

PG Hobert Shell (Demons, #3)
Will his offense ever break free? Or will he be the next Julius Atherton? Way too early to make that call.

C Michael Schofield (Inferno, undrafted)
Role player. 28 years old. Don't remember his name.

Sophomore Leftovers

Blame the Storm that #1 pick Roman Roberson is watching this game at home - he got sent to the minor league. From a franchise without hope for the playoffs. Roy Williams (#5) has problems to find his spot with the Dragoons, too. And Cleveland Schneider, the steal of the 2027 draft, still doesn't get any form of recognition with the Muscle. All three of them would have made the sophomore selection stronger.

Rookies Starters

C Brian Gant (Sharks, #2)

Fix and deserved starter for the Sharks already. Would probably do even better as a PF. Could need some talent around him in South Florida, though.

PF Matt Reyes (Huskies, #36)

Sleeper in the draft. Very versatile on offense. Actually too slow for the position, though. Lack of defense doesn't help. Don't expect him to develop into something big over the next years.

SF Lemuel Wald (Demons, #3)

GM KvM loves him. So expect his great physique to suffer in a bath of Fishmacs. Would be a shame, because Wald relies heavily on his athleticism. Gets to the line and makes his free throws. Is he going to be an All Star? Doubtful.

SG Rusty Villatoro (Sunkings #1)

Model of a #1 pick. Came to the league matured and ready. Scores like a SG, passes like a PG. If he finds a way to put some muscles on, he could become a superstar.

PG Jorge Sibley (Blaze, #5)

Would start in Chicago if Hershel Pettway wouldn't make $16 million per year. Sibley is the better player - and could start as a SG, too. Can score from anywhere. Plays D. Even gets some rebounds. Great prospect who should get more recognition.

Rookies Bench

C Stacey Blocker (Sting, undrafted)
A center named Blocker who doesn't block shots (or actually defend at all)? Doesn't make sense. Who is he sleeping with to get this selection?

PF Noe Davis (Blaze, #15 - traded to Sharks)
At 19 years, he actually isn't ready for the OBWL. But he 7'1, quick, and strong. With good potential at defense and rebounding. His time will come.

SF Gavin Shill (Sting, #9)
Role player. Which isn't a bad thing. But Shill will never sell tickets.

SG Lincoln Davis (Sharks, #19)
They love this guy in South Florida. Davis is starting every game. Which is probably more than he deserves.

PG Renaud Deschamps (Buzzards, #25)
Getting spot minutes in Boston probably means more than getting starting minutes in an allaboutthefuture franchise. Deschamps is all about the fundamentals. Nice pick late in the first.

SG Herbert Vetter (Huskies, #8)
At 19, his development has just begun. Could become a great two-way player. Is not a starter yet by a long stretch. But he is starting in Toronto.

SG Walker Hunt (Pioneers, #18)
If GM Ben Johnson likes him, watch out! Hunt is playing good defense, he's tall (6'6), but still quick enough to play SG. He really should score better from the three. Once he does - boom!

Rookies Leftovers

John Glisson (#4) doesn't even start in the minor league. Gotta pick that up, buddy! Quinton Dean (#6) should really get tested in at least two (maybe three) positions in the big league. He's a difference maker in the making. Ariel Lewis (#7) needs to show something real soon, if he doesn't wanna live with the label of being the league's favorite mermaid.


On paper, the draft class of 2028 looks much stronger than the one of 2027 - especially baring in mind, that they have had one season less of development. With a closer look, that process of maturing does have an effect though. The Sophomores will win it. Not that anyone really cares. This game is mainly about adding a line in your cv.


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