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2028 OBWL All Star Game Preview

Among the many amazing achievments in Charles Flowers' record-shattering career is the fact he has made the All Star team every season -- 12 in all -- that he has been in the OBWL. 

by Tom Lacher

New London Knight Charles Flowers, the most decorated star in OBWL history, makes his 12th appearance in the mid-season classic. Flowers and brand new Tampa Bay Triton Jose Owens, who is making his 7th trip to the All-Star Game, are the outliers in this season's game.

Exactly half the participants (12) in the 2028 Game are making only their 1st or 2nd appearance respectively. It looks like new blood is beginning to take over the OBWL.


C Jean Larry, London Knights

6th All-Star Game
9.5ppg 9.6rpg 5bpg

The 8-time DPOTY and sure first ballot HOFer, makes the start at C for the NatCon. Mr. Knight will once again be there to protect rim for the Nats just like he has done forever for London.

PF Udo Bach, Honolulu Inferno

5th All-Star Game
23.6ppg 7.9rpg 2.6apg

Bach has led to injury-plagued Inferno to a surprising 32-16 record. His super efficient scoring makes him the best PF in the NatCon.

SF Horacio Vega, Quebec Coyotes

1st Time All-Star
21.5ppg 5.5rpg 3apg

The young scoring machine showing that max contract was a good move by the Coyotes. Vega has been tremendous for a not so good Quebec team.

SG Andrew Evans, Minnesota Marauders

4th All-Star Game
30.9ppg 5.4rpg 4apg 2.1spg

Evans continues to prove he is the most lethal offensive player in the league. He is the best player on the best team in the OBWL and the frontrunner for MVP.

PG Charles Ackerman, Seattle SeaDogs

4th All-Star Game
21ppg 6.1rpg 7.8apg

Ack is the face of a young Seattle team that seems poised to do great things. He is hands down the best PG in the OBWL and is still getting better.


C Daniel Garretson, Quebec Coyotes

1st Time All-Star
12.3ppg 7.5rpg 2.1apg 3.2bpg

The 22-year old, former #2 overall pick continues his upward trajectory. His solid all-around game has been the other bright spot in Quebec's 2028 season.

PF Charles Flowers, London Knights

12th All-Star Game
22.1ppg 9.4rpg 2.6apg 4.4bpg

The greatest player in the history of basketball is nearing the end but Flowers is still great and still a deserving all-star. Involved in one of the biggest deals in OBWL history, Flowers and the Knights are hoping to add a ring to his long list of individual accomplishments.

SF Tony Pence, Minnesota Marauders

3rd All-Star Game
16.9ppg 7rpg 6.9apg

The glue that keeps the Marauders together, Pence may be the most underrated star player in the league. He is the point-forward that starts everything in Minnesota and has them leading the league in wins at the break.

SG Jesse Yoshida, Boston Buzzards

1st Time All-Star
16.6ppg 5.1rpg 3.9apg 1.9spg

Yoshida is the quiet assassin in Boston. He seems to come up big when the Buzzards need him most. Yoshida won't wow you with athleticism, he just knows how to play and is a knockdown shooter.

PG Andrew Lawler, Minnesota Marauders

2nd All-Star Game
17.6ppg 5.6rpg 5.5apg

Lawler is the motor that drives the Marauder engine. Not a pure PG, Lawler's stellar offensive game, which includes shooting 49% from 3, gives Minnesota the best Big 3 in the OBWL.

PF Luis Engram, Seattle SeaDogs

1st Time All-Star
17.9ppg 8.4rpg

Considered by many to be the most talented young player in the league, Engram is having his breakout season at 23 years old. He is a perfect pairing with Ackerman and looks to be only scratching the surface of his massive upside.

SF Sheldon Perkins, Boston Buzzards

2nd All-Star Game
21.4ppg 5.9rpg

Perkins is the best 6th man of all-time. He is a pure scorer who causes matchup problems at the 2, 3 & 4. He is the heart of the best team in the NatEast.


C Byron Dambrosio, Chicago Blaze

2nd All-Star Game
21.4ppg 9.5rpg 2.9apg

The former #1 overall pick is becoming an offensive monster before our eyes. He is the centerpiece of a group of young players that have Blaze fans very excited about the future.

PF Gregory Santiago, Sacramento Snipers

3rd All-Star Game
21.8ppg 11.8rpg 4.3bpg

Santiago is the best PF in the league right now. He is the heir apparent to Charles Flowers as the beast of the OBWL. Santiago is dominant on both ends of the floor and leads a Sniper team that is looking to make a run in the 2nd half of the season.

SF Andrew Jackson, Kentucky Stallions

5th All-Star Game
26.3ppg 6.9rpg 2.4apg

Jackson is an elite level offensive player, a true superstar and the face of the Stallions franchise.He can score at all 3 levels. Kentucky will continue to jump on Jackson's back as they look to compete for the AmEast and AmCon crowns.

SG Greg Fore, Anaheim Archers

7th All-Star Game
21.1ppg 5rpg 4.3apg

Fore's minutes are down this season and thus his numbers don't look nearly as gaudy. Make no mistake, he is still the same dangerous, take-over-a-game/series threat as he ever was. Both Fore and Anaheim are poised to make another run at the Cup in the 2nd half.

PG Luis Wendling, Sacramento Snipers

1st Time All-Star
12.1ppg 4.3rpg 11.3apg 1.5spg

After signing a massive FA contract in the offseason, the pressure was on the 5th year pro, who had started a total of 4 OBWL games, to deliver. He was replacing an all-star PG (Troy Howse) as well. Well, Wendling has exploded onto the scene leading the league in assists and averaging a double-double. At only 24, he looks to only get better.


C Erick Patrick, St. Louis SunKings

1st Time All-Star
22.7ppg 6rpg 2.7apg

Patrick has become the alpha dog scorer for the upstart SunKings. His quickness poses a huge mismatch for opposing bigs and his skill makes him a nearly impossible for other C's to contain.

PF Jose Owens, Tampa Bay Tritons

7th All-Star Game
23.9ppg 8.2rpg 2.6bpg

Owens continues to be a dominant offensive force in his new Tampa surroundings. He is the clear #1 scoring option (just like he was in London) the Tritons needed and seems to have meshed well with his new team.

SF Edward Baranowski, Detroit Muscle

2nd All-Star Game
18.6ppg 5rpg 2apg

Baranowski is the centerpiece in the Detroit rebuilding project. The 26 year old is a skilled scorer and solid defender who the Muscle front office envision leading them to playoff relevance in the near future.

SG Rusty Villatoro, St. Louis SunKings

1st All-Star Game
16.1ppg 5rpg 6.3apg

The clear ROY leader and the only rookie in the All-Star Game, the #1 overall pick had made the SunKings a legit AmEast contender in his 1st season. Villatoro's polished all-around has been the perfect fit in St. Louis.

PG Troy Howse, Philadelphia Americans

2nd All-Star Game
14.6ppg 4.1rpg 8.7apg 2.3spg

After signing a massive FA contract in the offseason, Howse has delivered for the Americans. His playmaking ability has the Americans in the hunt for their 2nd AmEast title in a row.

PF Kendall Melanson, Portland Lumberjacks

3rd All-Star Game
23.6ppg 9.5rpf 2.6apg

Despite a disappointing season so far in Portland. Melanson continues to produce in a big way. He gets to the FT line nearly 9x per game and is nearly impossible to stop in the low post.

C John Newton, Philadelphia Americans

5th All-Star Game
20ppg 6.9rpg 2.1apg

Newton continues to be the main man in Philly no matter what other "stars" are brought in. He leads the Americans in scoring and is a nightmare near to contain the basket. Philadelphia will go as far as Newton takes them.


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